License has expired, no ARC, just visitor studying visa

Had my license for 3 years and now I’m on a visitor visa studying. Ive seen that if I stay longer than 6 months I can get a ARC as a visitor visa cant be extended past 6 months. However as I have just returned to TW from a 1 month holiday back home this leaves me up the creek without a paddle. Is there nothing I can do regarding my license for the next 6 months? I don’t enjoy riding around without a license and want to do everything possible if I can. Any info would be appreciated thanks.

Hello creztor,

You case is interesting, it is exactly the same as me :
I was working in Taiwan for 1 year. I bought a motorcycle (50cc), I passed the driving test successfully, and I rided my motorcycle happilly in Taipei. After that, I quitted my job in order to have free time to study chinese, and I have now a visitor visa. My driver license expired, and when I asked for a new one, I had this answer “your ARC card is expired, we cannot give you a driving license without a ARC card”. Conclusion : Even if I passed all the tests successfully, I have officially not the right to drive my nice brand new 50cc 40.000 NT$ motorcycle in Taiwan.

I would like to inform the Taiwanese gouvernment that there was none sense to put an expiration date on my 50 cc driving license. Taiwanese people pass the same basic (stupid ?) test and are considered to be good drivers (LOL) for their whole life, so I would like to understand why I have no RIGHTS to drive my scooter after I become student. Even if I wanted to pass all the tests that one ask to me, even if I pay all the taxes that one another ask, I cannot find a way to drive legally :frowning:

Somebody in this forum said that foreigners are not considered as humans, he was true.
Here, foreigners are like a tool when Taiwan need it.
Tool don’t need to feel the wind in the hair, tools take MRT.

Thank you Mr. Son of Taiwan and all your predecessors.

I continue to ride my motorcycle anyway.
Its insurance is still valide for 1 year.


You may file an administrative appeal. I doubt whether this will be linked to the fact that you no longer have a valid ARC. I would say that you’d win and they must give you a 6 year licence. Ask Hartzell, he’ll do it for a small fee, I think.

Thing is I am not sure about your ARC situation, for me it would be easy, … ask Hartzell