License plates and insurance requirements for e-bikes might be coming

I’m no fan of excessive regulation, but those things are a fucking menace.


Looks like the law is directly aimed SE Asian workers, who drive electric bikes instead of gas scooters

This means the new law will be enforced - but mostly against migrant workers.


After reading the article it looks like. Someone is mad that SEA workers have any mobility. This will keep them close to home for their slave drivers, I mean employers.

And the idea that something that is just parked can be confiscated even if it’s not in use is greatly disturbing


A disinction should be made ,especially before legal action would be possible.

Te law is aimed at SE Asian foreigners?

Or, you think

Enforcement will be aimed at SE Asian foreigners?

Why not both?

After reading who wrote the article i’m not surprised.

I know this law has been on the cards for sometime, they have been talking about it for a couple of years. There has been an increased amount of accidents involving E-bikes and because there is no registration the owner could just dump it and do a runner, even more likely if the rider is at fault and maybe had a few beers.

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I’m ok with registration with a plate. But it should be free and no tests needed. If they want people to go green it needs to be encouraged. Real name identification with plates is a good idea but the idea of getting insurance, paying a registration fee, or taking any tests is dumb for a bike with a 32km top speed.

Students would always joke about riding their scooter to the test centre, failing, and riding home. Taiwan has bigger fish to fry on the roads before harassing ebikes

I think they are limited to 25km by law, anything above that is illegal. To be fair a lot of damage can be done at that speed. Try running at full sprint then just throwing yourself on the floor, see how that feels and thats not 25kmh.
This is the example i was given about wearing the correct clothing on a motorcycle 20+ years ago when i did my test and it still hold true.

As a follow up point i think 3rd party insurance would be a good idea on anything 10kmh up and over a certain weight limit, especially with the litigation culture in here.

Yeah, but the ridiculously low minimums even for motor vehicle insurance kinda defeat that purpose…

It’s up to you to make sure you’re covered at an appropriate level, if you close the basic that up to you. Just because your insurance will only cover 1 million NT it won’t stop you having to pay out an extra 4 million out of pocket if you have been sued for 5 million. 3rd party insurance is there to protect you more than others.

I disagree: The reason behind mandatory 3rd party insurance is usually to protect the wronged party - mostly from the other party declaring bankruptcy…

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I suppose i was trying to say: what points this law towards oppressing SE Asians? The article/writer may have their opinions. But a law governing motor vehicles doesnt really seem political or racist or etc in my opinion. I mean, one could just as easily say this is trying to oppress senior citizens because they use them a lot as well. Not saying it isnt ether, just seems unlikely.

So far i have no opinion either way. But i am curious what makes one feel its a target on SE Asians specically when this vehicle is used by all groups, especially taiwanese. Might it just be the usual taiwan standard of more regulation on traffic as a knee jerk for lack of enforcement and education in general?


I weigh more than the really small electric bikes and can run faster than 10km/h. Perhaps a “battery charge” clause is needed for this idea as i can run far at that speed haha :slight_smile:

Maybe you need 3rd party insurance incase you run into a granny on the street :wink:

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Rumour has it legs, like brakes, work well at 10km/h . Any granny smashing is likely intentional and insurance isnt needed, only lawyers :slight_smile:

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