Lien Chan presented with pink rubber penis

Was watching TVBS just now with the in-laws when they cut to breaking news - a presentation to Lien Chan of what looked like a pink rubber penis/dildo. My gf’s father was laughing so I guess it was what it looked like. Anyway my Chinese is somehwat lacking so I didn’t get the story behind it. Anyone know what the fuck was going on?

A present from the young…up and…er… comers in the KMT. They wanted to leave a lasting impression in the hopes Lien would get the point and refrain from stiffing them in the Legislative…erec…er…elections in December.

I was begining to think I had imagined the whole thing.

i thought they was giving him it because he has no penis himself no?

maybe he can smack his wife around with it? :laughing:

Maybe he just needs a good pegging. :astonished: