Lien Chan's son shot during political rally

Something on the news about Sean Lien (連勝文), Lien Chan’s son, getting shot by a gangster, who was reportedly aiming for someone else. He’s alive, though.


8:20 tonight at Yonghe Elementary School (just up the road from where I work). The gangster jumped up in the stage, grabbed him around the neck and shot down through one cheek and out the other. An elderly bystander was also shot (not sure if it was the same shot or not) and killed. Lian is at Taida Hospital.

The bystander died.

What’s Lien’s prognosis?

“Stable and undergoing surgery”. … 1011260036

When Lien got to hospital he was consious and able to speak. He is going to have some operation.
So, they caught the shooter. But, I don’t think they know his motive or anything. He was heavily armed. According to a friend of mine who is a cop, he used the wrong gun. If he had used the other gun that he was carrying, Lien would have died.

He’s supposed to be stable; and the injury is not life threatening.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for that poor guy who was killed.

The police have the shooter but haven’t released details yet.

Apparently it was the same shot, and the bystander was not elderly; he was 29. So I understand second hand.

Apparently it was the same shot, and the bystander was not elderly; he was 29. So I understand second hand.[/quote]

Yeah, the early reports said it was old guy died of a heart attack.

I was watching the news about an hour ago and it was kinda shameful how the ‘green’ news channels weren’t showing this news (the wife said they;d shown it briefly, but not while I was watching).

Apparently the bullet went through Lien’s left cheek and came out the right temple. The trajectory is dangerously close to both the eye and the brain. It’s possible the vision in his right eye might be damaged or even lost… let’s hope the doctors do their utmost to minimize and fix any damage.

I was actually worrying about that, especially when I saw that lady with the fake smile and fist in the air ride by standing up on the back of a pink jeep. I was standing on a bridge taking pics…zooming in on her…anyone can take anyone out at any moment actually. Yikes

That’s not the impression I got.

That’s not the impression I got.[/quote]

I swear, I watched about 5 minutes each of the two green channels, just after 10, and they had inconsequential stories about candidates talking to students, and the like, not even mentioning the news story on the little feed-line thingies. Meanwhile the other channels were all constantly broadcasting it. It seemed pretty damn blatant, to tell you the truth.

Eerie overtures to 2004 though I think we can safely all agree that this wasn’t staged (including STV when he wakes up sober :wink:).

They might be smart enough not to stage it 'cause people would think so.
They might be smart enough to stage it 'cause people wouldn’t think so.
“They” might be smart to stage it 'cause people would think so.
Politicians can be A**** but are definitely not retarded.

:astonished: That is pretty scary… as soon as I got home my Grandpa asked me if I’d seen anything on the way home (I walked home from YongHe Joy English school) and I was all confused. Hope everything turns out OK…

Just watching the coverage on TVBS and litening to the interviews. The police said he was shot with a 48 caliber hand gun. The head of Lien Zhan’s office said he believed it was a wider conspiracy because Lien Zhan’s son is 195 cm’s tall and would have been difficult to mistake for the candidate who he was there to support although the shooter claimed he was targeting the candidate. If he were targeting Lien than a head shot over that kind of distance in a momentary rush with a hand gun would be a pretty good shot. I also saw an interview with one of the organizers who said that Lien wasn’t scheduled to appear at the event. The shooter is a known to be a gangster.

China destabilizing politics and democracy in Taiwan, a possibility?

Wow. Election-eve shooting again. Guess I’ll have to turn on the news. If that happened down here, you wouldn’t even know anyone had been shot for all the firecrackers.

I’m sorry to hear of the other man’s death, and I do hope Lien lives. Just too awful. People getting shot on election-eve simply does not speak well of the state of democracy on the island.

The shooter, at least from news reports, was also pretty fucked up on drugs. Easy to mistake anyone in that condition.

Lien Chan is a good buddy of the PRC. I doubt the PRC would order his son shot.