Life? Got it sorted, mate

Work like buggery.
Earn a huge wedge.
Invest in stocks.

Wah, too risky!

How does this sound. Both done at the same time.

  1. Invest in large, stable companies that pay out 7-8% dividend yields. Stuff like banks, insurance companies, utilities. You don’t get the price appreciation but you do get constant income that gets reinvested. Do this for 30 years til you retire, then live off the income. Pension sorted and no ‘management’ fees to pay.

  2. With the rest of your income, invest in ‘value’ stocks. Companies that have good fundamentals - low P/E, P/BV, rising EPS forecasts. Catch the growth, then bail out. Put any profit into 1. above, then find the next value stock. More risky yes but any more so than running your own business?

I reckon NT$1000000/20,000 pounds saved each year and put into the above would position you nicely. Do it for 5 years then use your income for kids, school fees, starting business, etc.

Erm, yeah - isnt this called diversification? also sounds like your run of the mill superannuation fund

Holy shit man, NT$1000000 a year? I do not even MAKE that much, let alone SAVE that much.