Life in Changhua

I have been living in Korea and have planes to move to Changhua, Taiwan. My wife will study at some University there. All I really know is that it is very small and near Taichung. I read many other posts and am well informed about Taiwan in general, we have more than enough money saved to pay for my wife’s school, and I’m supporting my wife and still saving a lot of money in Korea, so I’m sure Taiwan will be no problem. Its amazing how much you can save when you live like a local.

Anyway, I want to know if anyone knows anything about that city. How is life in that city. Are there many foreigners there? How much can I expect to pay for rent? Does anyone know any good schools to work for? Anything else.

But who wants to eat noodles every day?

They have a Carrefour and a night market in front of it, and a giant buddha. Rent is cheap.

You’d be close to Lugang (鹿港鎮) (great for pictures) and not too far from Taichung.
You can take the High speed train and be in downtown Taipei in less then two hours
(or take buses like a local for 4 hours).

Compared to Seoul, yes, Changhua is small… with a feel like Daejeon, much rawer than Gangnam-gu. Lugang is an Asian treasure, or at least the old merchant street is. Taiwan is much more diverse than Korea, IME… sort of like a big, Mandarin-speaking Jeju-do with a single KTX line.