Life in Kaohsiung

I will be moving to Kaohsiung in August to teach english and was wondering what Kaohsiung was like, and what I could expect.

Try contact the AMCHAM in Kaohsiung, maybe somebody there can give you some information.

Angela Wu, Executive Director
Charles Midgley, President
B1. #91 Chung Shan 2nd Road
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 806 ROC
Tel: 886 (07) 338-6339 ext. 8002
Fax: 886 (07) 331-6753
Mobile: 0918-715-755

Hello folks!

We are looking for volunteers in the Kaohsiung area to help us spread the word about ORIENTED to the English-speaking community there. More information “About Us” can be found here:

If you are interested (or know of others who might be), please write to for more information. We can’t pay with $$, but perhaps we can help in other ways? Thanks in advance!

Gus Adapon and Christine Hsu
ORIENTED Administrators

Angela is already gone, leaving to Taipei for a job in a law firm. There will be a new president in a couple of weeks.

There’s a new director coming and the phone numbers are correct. Not to be snobby, but I think that the Chamber’s purpose is to help its members and not as guide for newcomers. You can still try though.

Kaohsiung is quite simple compared to Taipei. They do not dress as fashionably (so my Taiwanese partner always tells me - he is from Taipei:-).

They stare a lot more at Western people then they do in Taipei, they simply do not get as many white faces here as they do up north.

The traffic is WORSE then Taipei, lots of police standing on street corners, smoking and chatting, with the occasional helmet check.

BUT, these are all minor points. because Kaohsiung is GREAT. Very little rain compared to Taipei, a lot warmer. Close to Kending, and Penghu Island. Cheaper rent, higher wages for teachers and more jobs.

Here is a link to my Kaohsiung page

And here is a link to Around Kaohsiung

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