Life in Shanghai

Why anyone would willingly live or work in China is beyond my comprehension. If the answer is simply money, then they have even bigger problems.

I’ve never been to China, will never go to China. Same for North Korea or other vile oppressive states.

LOL. I lived in Shanghai for nine years. It was great.


Shanghai sucks. The food, the weather, the air quality…everything.


If you had the money to spend.

The weather sucks, but I got over that. I had organic food, free range meat, and not-fake booze delivered to my door all the time. Young, hot, loose women, cheap smokes, cheap massagie, cheap and convenient transportation. And muh Wechat.

That’s all you had to say…


You’re lucky you didn’t have to hunt that.

So they told you. :sunglasses:
I have travelled all over Asia and Australasia for work and vacations. Shanghai is very much ‘meh’ compared to many other places, vastly overrated, even if you excluded it’s terrible air quality, but I do like some of the old architecture . The problem is that it has a Disneyland character because they threw all the foreigners out who actually created that unique city and culture, which would have surpassed Hong Kong at that time for being a truly international city. It’s really a pity that that was obliterated after WWII and also by the Japanese. I mean compare a city like New York or London or Paris or Sydney to Shanghai…It just doesn’t even come to 10% of those places. Shanghai is the lost global city. The Chinese might not agree and I get that too.


Yes, Shanghai doesn’t have greatness so much as it has bigness. Culturally, Shanghai is a joke. But it also has a distinct lack of … let’s just say I put a very high priority on personal safety. Try walking the streets after dark in any culturally enriched Western city. Or even during the day.

I don’t think Shanghai is overrated. Most people know it’s a mess. The rent is way overpriced, the people can be jerks, the weather sucks, the air sucks, etc. Everyone knows this. But I had a great time. All my friends did too. Would any of us go back? That’s where we draw the line.


preserving colonial heritage is a fine line. it’s easier for a regime to just destroy everything and saying it never happened. it’s a lot harder to conserve those places and process history.

imo, most of the demolishing is done purely for economical reasons. i don’t know but there must have been much more japanese-style architecture around in taiwan decades ago and that would be quite cool if it was preserved up to now.


Please define what you believe to be “great”.

Change my mind.

I’m sorry I bothered. This forum is worse than the comment sections on Breitbart.

i think you need some experience to notice it… first time i went to china it was also the first time i went to asia. all i noticed were new shopping malls, tall buildings, food and women.

last time i was there i was able to pick up on the local things more. and i found the shiny new shopping malls to be a whole lot less interesting.

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that’s hard to match


Yeah, there are little pockets of neighborhoods that have an interesting older vibe without being outright 1960s soviet-style cruds nor modern faceless concrete towers. I never much liked the shopping malls.

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what reddit groups are you in? :face_with_monocle:

the old chinese style stuff (built before the commie times) is great. pity almost the entire chinese city is demolished.

Of all the cities in China I’ve visited, Shanghai is lowest on the list, the Shanghai locals can be especially annoying.

No idea how you can put down somewhere you’ve never even visited! Having lived in China for several years and traveled there for well over a decade, there are some fantastic areas in China. You’d also be surprised how much in common you’ll find with the ordinary Chinese citizen, obviously not with those who have already been brainwashed. Depending on where in China you live, in many ways it’s a far nicer place to live in than Taiwan.


None. That place is a cesspool.

I was quoting someone else.