Life on Penghu - Advice?

Didnt they build some posh hotel there ?

Taiwan tour group posh, not normal International posh.

I have lived in a few places in Taiwan including Miaoli for 6 months which was definitely different!

I’m kind of familiar with Penghu as when I was based in Taichung we could easily get flights over and it was a nice break at different times of year.

Fair play to you for giving it a try and hope it works out for you. This is not easy for any foreigners, even Taiwanese, but you just got to go into it with a sense of adventure and give it a shot. If you want to head on after a year or two that’s fine too.

Please keep us updated on ‘life in Penghu’. I remember one person saying he lived in one of the few high rises which maybe wasn’t great as it was so exposed to the wind. Penghu is one of the windiest places in Asia supposedly especially in Winter.

I think a bit more credit is due!

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My bad. Didn’t know that one opened. Looks great I’ll go try.

I would like to invite you to make a little video of your experience… or go full time video blogger. These folks would be very interested in your experience, they already have a “testimony” of sorts from Kinmen:



This place is opening in penghu sometime this year with shopping, movie, gym, etc.

Maybe I could setup my camera on the balcony with a battery recharge system and let it record a video or timelapse of the weather here 24/7 and show everyone the life in yilan…

Planning intensifies.


Yes, please.

Include rice paddie doggies in the sun too.

Hey, you do not have to do it today. There might be sun…someday.

Yeah, get back to us in March…

Practically tomorrow.

Day 2 was productive. I found an indoor heated swimming pool, a small free weight gym, a 24 hour billards spot, and a very friendly western owned bar. Things are looking up! Tomorrow I search for tacos and basketball pick up games.



If you keep this up, I’m coming over myself.

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That’s a win.

Day 3 in Penghu and I found a taco shop! Also found a semi-western brunch and breakfast cafe. “Penghu Fish Market Restaurant” and “Brunch Breakfast”.


Taco? Can’t even imagine. French toast with bird seeds looks not yummy.


Tango I was too early today, but I’ll go back soon and get a pic of their tacos/burritos and see what’s up. The French toast was actually really good LOL