Life on Penghu - Advice?

Penghu has stunning beaches. Somehow they have always been largely overlooked.


Island teaching in Hujing this week. It’s a cute island about a 20 minute ferry ride from Magong. Lots of cats and goats. Ferry is 110nt and scooter is 150nt. The BnB I am staying at is 1400nt per night but the ferry leaves Magong at 11am and returns at 5pm. No need to stay overnight really unless you want to star gaze. I got lucky last night with a clear sky. The stars are amazing from here. I highly recommend Hujing for a short visit if you ever go island hopping around Penghu.


Some sample cats, goats and art in Hujing.


Air BnB and night time feel in Hujing.


I’m jealous. A couple of years ago (if I remember correctly) there was an ad for an English teacher for Wang’an. I was soooo tempted to apply because I love the little islands. I’m curious; do you have classes on Wang’an as well?

A few photos from a couple of trips to Wang’an…

wang an 04


Last year I taught at an island close to Wang An named Jiang Jun. I took a day trip to Wang An while I was there. The beaches are amazing. Wang An has a full time FET there now so no teaching trips there for the foreseeable future.


I have some questions about the fireworks festival:

  1. The shows are every Monday and Thursday evening, but subject to weather. Is it common for a show to be outright canceled? What about postponed…would it then normally just be pushed back to the next night, assuming weather permits? I ask because I plan to go without my kids and I want to maximize my chances of seeing a show, while keeping my time away from the family to a minimum. So would I be pretty safe if I go for just two nights, the first night being the scheduled show, and the second night in case they have to postpone? Or would you recommend I stay 3 nights? Or even 4?

  2. Is this the location of the show? (Well, the shoreside viewing area)

  3. Are there any hotels with rooms or shared spaces that offer a view of the show? I’m assuming they’re sold out anyway, but just curious.


  1. Last year quite a few shows were cancelled because of the weather. If I remember correctly they are just moved to the next planned date.
  2. That’s the best place to have a view of the drone show. If you would just like to see the fireworks you can also see them from the sea road that runs up towards Xiwei.

Interested in doing a beginner’s scuba dive off Penghu. The tours are offered from 8am to 3pm. Is there a particular “best time” to scuba dive?