Life on the MRT 2017


So is there an ideal length for a railroad car? It always seemed to me the subway cars were on the long side. Except the Brown Line, of course.

Rapid transit has existed about a century now. There should be some accumulated knowledge somewhere of best practices.

I’m guessing the wear problems would be on the curves, because where else would the geometry matter? They could perhaps put guardrails there to prevent loss of life in a derailing.


But that would entail actually admitting that someone made that choice and that it was potentially dangerous.


May be ok with tRA trains so long as stops are infrequent.
But it will be a tower of babel if the MRT adopts this.

What a nightmare. Should only have announcements in English and Mandarin and thats it.


It is good because South East Asian workers that get days off like to travel by train on weekends. This may help them in feeling a bit more welcome.


I know Mandarin is a hard language to learn, but come on. Whose country is it anyway?

A little assimilation, perhaps?


On 18 hour workdays, 6 days a week or more? hard. But most are kept away from that. It might make them aware of their rights.


Super impressed today -
On my way to work this morning, a young lady ( 20-25 years old) just passed out in front of me. She just dropped to the floor, knocking out her head and being unconscious for like 5 to 10 seconds.
Some ladies help her standing up and sit.
This happen between 2 stops and within another 15 sec we reached the next station and immediately a medic and one mrt worker came directly to her, took her out of the train and took care of her.
I am super impressed on their reactivity, speed and being so accurate and precise.
It is even a bit shocking tbh.
Anyway, hope she is fine and BIG UP for the mrt staff. :notworthy:
ps: the mrt was packed with people and that was the yellow/orange line.


That would only come close to workable if they remove Hakka and Taiwanese. It’s still five languages.

They really should remove Hakka anyway… is there anyone left who only speaks Hakka but understands no Mandarin or Taiwanese? And if they are, wouldn’t they be so elderly that they’d have to be accompanied by someone else anyway?


I do appreciate all the ways that Taiwanese defy the stereotypes of Chinese people. Ethnicity is the ultimate social construct.


yup -
well, one step at a time


Airport MRT was great when I used it shortly after the free period ended. Not super packed, fast, cheap, convenient.


I wonder if they have people watching the cameras in each car and that is how they noticed something was amiss. One station as leeway for response is really fast!


that was amazingly fast-
i think maybe someone press the help button — therefore it may give the exact wagon location or something like that
It was like only 15 seconds and they came directly to the lady - they didnt ask no one -
I tell you Icon, iam super super impressed


Yep. Given that they have to get the stretcher, haul it down the stairs, get to the precise location… in amazingly fast time. Yep yep.


there was no stretcher -
the girl was able to walk-
but it was one medic ( looks like a medic for me = with a different uniform) and one mrt staff


Well, I have seen them bring out stretchers and wheelchairs in record time, too.

They have trained medics, volunteers, guides, and do regular emergency training drills and stuff.


alrightttt -
but how did they knew which girl was it???


That I’ll have to go with the “someone pressed the red button/intercom” theory.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean they are quite on the ball and react quickly to emergencies, and thsi time as you describe they went above and beyond.


I do believe all cars have active cameras now and they are watching everything. After the recent MRT attacks. They must have been watching to be so quick and to go to the lady immediately without needing to ask anyone.


I totally agree. The ones who can only understand hakka and taiwanese are most likely in an old folks home or gone. And wouldn’t be travelling the mrt by themselves.

I say Mandarin only is best. With English written on the boards.

BART only announces in English (and has no electric signs). Works fine.

If Taipei feels it needs English announced as well (totally not needed in my view), then so be it. But that should be it.

Very few english speakers are blind in Taiwan and can not see and read the electric signs !