Life on the MRT 2018


Yeah end of 2019 I’m betting .

People from zhonghe and yonghe still need to apply for a visa though.


Wow, a surprising amount of progress recently. This is from July 24th:

It looks like tracks are laid all the way to Industrial Park, and the station shells are even mostly done. Around Shisizhuang they are running trains on both tracks, and all the way into Dapinglin in the tunnel section.

With this rate of progress they might actually be able to open by the end of the year.


Amazing how much of a shantytown it looks like from the air.


“Power supply has been connected to a 15.4km section from MRT Dapinglin Station to New Taipei Industrial Park Station, covering 14 stops …”

“The department hopes for the section to open to the public next year …”


OK, next year! When?


just ban the corrugated iron already!

the stations in banqiao still seem a way off from being finished. so i don’t see it being done for a while.


End of this year! It says so on their signs! They promised!


According to this article (published last week), it’ll be open in the first half of next year. A section of the Danshui light rail will be open at the end of this year.


If the opening is at midnight on Dec 31, that’s sort of in both years, isn’t it? :wink:


For all you disbelievers, behold: they took down the fake walls - the ones that had been blown away and then replaced after typhoon Shaudelor. We have proper doors ready to open for business … Soon…


Soon is a term that can be stretched!


Behold, the date for opening of Tapinglin/Zhonghe section is still end of 2018!

can anyone paste the video so it can be seen here? I know some Forumosans do not have FB and this video is quite informative.


Winter is coming.


I was able to see the top notch acting in this video without Facebook.

According to the video, we live in the Mushroom Kingdom where every entrance is a warp pipe to the next world. I’m going to guess the princess is in another castle?


I can’t unsee the hula hoop part…


Yeah, yeah … they always say that until right after election day … whoooohahaha.


Shouldn’t it be Tapingling-Chungho?


Doesn’t really work as a metaphor if you can’t even spin the damn thing. :grin:


I see a Dapinglin sign every day.


Taipei is falling to China’s soft power with that foul orc language known as Hanyu Pinyin. Tongyong or bust!


Where is a future MRT plan map that’s up to date?

This one has not been update since March 2017.