Life on the MRT 2018


Yes. I only have a US card and that’s what I use. I also have the Cathay CC through Costco. However, since my membership is from the States, they cannot combine the CC with the membership card.

We have a couple of colleagues (most specifically one male and one female) who are on the very ripe end of that spectrum. Especially towards the end of very hot days! :sick::runaway:


Yeah, having posted what I did, there are rare exceptions.
And they definitely make their unique status known.


Very known! Like, eye-wateringly, room-clearingly obvious! To the point that it’s the topic of conversation amongst the ladies in my office when you can almost literally see the stink lines permeating from these particular individuals.


The best thing I ever used is tawas (powder or stone, liquid). Bought it in the Philippines. Still using it, the stone keeps years.

“Tawas is a transparent salt crystal that is soluble in water and widely used as a deodorant …”



25 years ago the US was rampant with rumors that deodorant/anti-perspirants were responsible for dementia. If I recall the rumor chalked up dementia to the aluminum in them. Anyway, nutty rumor.

I’m sure everybody has encountered a person with TMAU, although it’s a fairly rare genetic condition (thank God). I’ve only encountered one woman who had it, and I really felt sorry for her. She was working out in a gym I used to go to. She had the entire back of the room all to herself. She looked super lonely and, I don’t know, like she could use a hug or something. But wow, the odor was epic. Never saw her there again.

Sufferers have my full sympathy. Rotten, rotten luck to be born with it.


That’s crazy, I just read about that condition for the first time ever yesterday.
Lordy, what an awful burden to bear

There is no known cure or treatment for the disorder.

Just awful


i work at an airport and encountered a passenger with that condition. had to look it up, since i didn’t know about it before. at first i thought he was just another frenchman too lazy to shower after his fish meal. but you could smell it from 3m away and it was still 10times worse than rotten fish that’s been in the sun too long. the crew allowed him to board. must not have been a pleasant 9hrs flight for the people next to him.


I know a guy who has this, seriously when he walked into the room people would start looking for the dead rat behind the radiator. But a really decent guy. Happy story though as he met this super hot girl who apparently had no sense of smell. Rest is history.


I still remember one female classmate that had that fishy smell , it was so bad I almost barfed . Maybe a sufferer…


So it’s true – opposites do attract! :yin_yang: :heart:

They make that stuff in Thailand too, various brands. All the ones I’ve seen in Canada were made in Thailand. But when you buy it in Thailand, it usually turns out to be scented. :thinking:


Ok. I’m not living in the North and usually take the HSR and taxis to my meetings in Taipei. This Friday evening I arrived late evening evening and decided that spending NTD20 and walking ten minutes was a more logical decision than taking a taxi for NTD200 or more. Around Friday evening 8:30 pm. I transferred from one line to another (red to green or something like that; again, not a veteran MRT commuter). I have to say that the stench of B.O. permeated both trains. Truly rancid. I retract my previous statements as usually I take the HSR and have fewer chances to encounter this real-life situation.

In a similar thread, I would recommend, first, the powdery deodorant sticks (harder to find), followed by the roll-on, and, finally, the spray. For me, a sweaty s.o.b., the spray doesn’t last the time it claims (in some cases 48 hours). I’ve heard the Axe works well, in fact, even hearing rave reviews. I ordered three spray cans online. I do NOT recommend it. No lasting effect.


I’m really thinking a lot of the stench is from the food coming from bad breath and seeping out of the pores of the skin.

They tell me I smell like milk, but I don’t smell like…


This was undeniable (think of P.E. class) rancid B.O. So distinct I had to sniff my own pits to make sure it watch my sweaty body.


No thread for bus, hence posting here.

Me and my spouse enter a bus. Entire bus is full except two seats in last row. Window seat is empty, middle seat is empty, but in between these two empty seats a woman is seating.

My spouse takes window seat (the woman doesn’t want to move from her seat). I ask her if she could move so we could seat together. She starts arguing in Chinese - I believe she said - I won’t give up my seat!

Really irritating experience! Never had I encountered such person on MRT or bus here before.





Yesterday on my way to Taipei I really had to change seats, the woman sitting next to me or the couple in front had a really bad stench. Not the first time stinking but this was OTT.


As I seldom take the MRT, here’s my chance to share another story. A deaf couple arguing in front of me was something to behold. ASL and the Chinese version are very different, but I think I figured out the sign for “idiot”. I wish all arguments could be that silent. Some signs were obvious, but I’m curious as to how Chinese signers use their finger language (I had once known the alphabet in ASL, but can’t imagine how the one handed “alphabet” works for Chinese; guess if better Google it).


Keeping up with my watch over handsome men on the MRT, there was this Tormund lookalike a few days back. Seriously, like 2 meters high, well kept round fluffy beard, so red haired. the kind of man that can cover a whole MRT station in two strides.


Guys there was another incident in the mrt tonight. An attack with a box opener, one person seriously wounded. Taipei Main Station.