Life on the MRT 2018


Ouch. Red line or blue line?



I think I better quit watching YouTube and listening to music when on MRT and start looking around.

Do these always kind of events have something in common like rush hour after work or something?


Couldn’t find it in the English media

Only reference I could find is this.


Looks like one woman slashed another woman with a utility blade. Yikes. Sounds like they caught the attacker at the scene


Yep. But I fear the wounded did not make it. They are not daring to say it but seems the wound was too deep, bleed out too fast.



Yep rush hour. Around 7 something.


Holy shit, that is terrible


You know, I bought some pepper canisters to take when I visit the old country. Think I’ll better start carrying one on the MRT.


Not a bad idea, it is a worrying trend that’s for sure


I really, really hate crazy people. I guess not all. But definitely the ones who manifest their craziness through random violence. They really ruin everything for the rest of us.


I know a few Taiwan girls that carry pepper spray for the elevator when they back home late at night.


Don’t think it will help. This attack was not even in a car or platform. The woman was attacked at the turnstills. The fruitcake says the woman’s uniform triggered her. Sigh.


Dinosaur Judge will probably let her off with a fine and some counseling.


There was a case yesterday when a woman pulled a knife on two schoolgirls because she thought they were laughing at her. Wonder if it was the same individual. If not, we have a problem.

And I was here so happy that I could unplug the brain during my MRT rides. Worst part is that I bet ya tomorrow we will have a copycat. And they will keep coming.


People who get “triggered” are dangerous people. There’s no practical way to avoid triggering every single one of them.

LEU, I say.


Oh no! That would be most of Forumosa :smile: Maybe some people just have a shorter fuse than others, I NEVER get triggered.:wink:


I’d only get “triggered” if anyone were to say something about my daughter or wife, but since no one here knows them that’s not a problem here.

If one of those random MRT crazies ever attacked either of them, I’m worried I might kill them.


Well the woman was not making sense. In the videos you hear her saying that she hurt someone, her mom would be angry. Then at the station she is laughing and denying she did it.

Now, it is very difficult to tell who is not totally in control of their mind. And when the stuff goe sdown, it si difficult to react swiftly unless you have training. Defend yourself the best you can if you can, that´s my motto.


I’m going to enroll my daughter in self-defense or karate classes as soon as she’s 7 or so. And I’ll probably buy her mace or a taser for her 13th birthday.


If you’re in the States when she turns 16 or so, enroll her in a CQB/H2H course as well. The course at the link is in Australia but there are many in the US as well.

Yeah I know is sounds like a bit much, but these courses can be life-saving and imo should be mandatory for family members. It’s like swimming: something you really only need when your life’s at stake.