Life on the MRT 2018


Not that difficult, it’s the ‘one’ finger sign!


Teach her the KITB move (kick in the balls).


I haven´t had the unfortunate chance to use my self defense training in Taiwan but in the old country yep, it came handy. There are lots of awareness techniques, things you can do in case of the bad stuff, which experts can explain and help you practice.

For instance, in cas eof being stabbed, do not move, do not run -unless, of course, you might get stabbed again-, do not panic, apply pressure to the wound. get help. make yourself visible.

Never grab a knife. Knife always cuts so minimize the damage is all you can do.

Told you teh instructor used to say it was easier to stab flab than muscle. So weights it is.


I would prioritize making sure NOT getting stabbed in the first place.


Indeed. The firts thing they teach you in self defense is avoid confrontation. The second is fleeing. Which is why we started each class by jogging around campus. Good times, good times.


I don’t know if this is everywhere yet, but saw this at Beimen MRT yesterday. Danhai route coming soon, it seems. Any word on phase 1 of the circular line?


“Soon” in governmentese can mean anywhere from 2 weeks to a year.


step one. don’t be a phone zombie.


Oh man. It was just so good to black out. Give my poor busy brain 20 minutes of static recharging. Sometimes, more often than not, ended up missing my stop by what the Heck. I came out refreshed.


OK, I’m riding the Tapei MRT red line this afternoon, heading south toward Taipei Main Station. An old guy right in front of me sitting on one of the deep blue seats is checking out his phone, holding it up at a distance in front of his face—watching p0rn.

What’s up with the red line?!? I’ve seen more crazy stuff there than on the other lines combined.



red line…red light district. … easy to confuse the 2


Well, I guess it does run parallel to Linsen North Road. But this guy looked more like a Wanhua man to me.



I saw a high school kid checking out hentai* on his phone the other week. Yet I can’t have a sip of fucking water on the train.

(*- manga porn, for those not in the know)


So what’s next?

“Please don’t eat, drink, smoke, chew betel nut, or watch p0rn in the Taipei Metro System.”



Well you should be thankful that he didn’t beat his meat in front of you. I bet that happens on a semi-regular basis in some other international big cities like New York or something.


Try riding the Tokyo subway late at night


Remember this beauty?
(:nsfw: I guess)


Step two: don’t stop on the steps!


Or you probably can take your clothes to the dry-cleaners.


Red attracts crazy things? Like bulls!