Life on the MRT 2018


Ah, Gain—always looking on the bright side!



Gosh and they say tommy was a perv…behold the queen of perv…:grin:


Somebody had to take over after you left us and got married.


Gosh and I thought tommy was Pervy …lol


Supposedly guys watching porn openly on mobiles on buses and trains is a big topic in the West now too, it’s not Taiwan specific !


Yes marriage kills sexand thoughts of sex

Want more sex don’t get married


We are all for equality around here.


They couldn’t wait till they got to an elevator ?


Well it was presumptuous of you to ask her to move though.,she should offer but if she doesn’t

Dang I keep forgetting the quote button…


Great advice. Its a fuckin maze down under Taipei Main Station, so easy to get lost.


Yesterday morning they caught a pick-pocket at the Taipei City Hall station. Security, police all over the guy.


It’s currently faster to go from Beimen because there’s that moving walkway, but they’re now building one that will connect Taipei Main to the Airport MRT. I think it’s going to take a few months for it to be put in.


So…how was it??



Jeez, they came up with that now? Or didn’t budget before?


It was . . . awkward.



Yeah the airport transfer is a massive disappointment, it’s not particularly close to either Beimen or the Main Station. What a dumb move after spending a billion or whatever on that line.

Budget was 3 billion USD!


Stiff neck?



You need to keep the ‘taxi lobby’ happy’, right?


Its a straight 5 minute walk to Beiman turnstile and a lot shorter than say Hong Kong for example.


I must have taken the wrong way last time then as it took me like half an hour. Gotta check where I turned wrong as everyone says it is a breeze to get to Beimen from the airport line.