Life on the MRT 2018


Just turn right (passing Starbucks) and walk without leaving main hall. Nearly a straight shot with one zig and one zag but no turns or exits.


Exactly. Just follow the signs. The path from Beimen Station is simple and all underground. Unless you’re sprinting like @tango42 I’d budget ten minutes to transfer (5 if you sprint!!!).




Now I know I was definitely lost.


Yup there’s a nice underground Starbucks between Beimen Station and the Taoyuan MRT Station—steps away from the Taoyuan MRT.



They have fixed the signs since they first opened the walkway between Beimen and the airport line. The signage was confusing and led people (including me) up a long escalator to the surface.


No surfacing! That’s the key.



Yeah I timed it walking normal pace
-8 minutes to the Beiman turnstile and green line
-13 minutes to the next closest turnstile which is redline under exit M1/ME and that’s if you know the direct route. A tourist would take longer.


Any news about when the Circle Line (Yellow Line) opens?


My ex-gf was riding a (mostly deserted) late train back after work in Seoul and woke up to see a guy standing in front of her tugging away at his manhood.


I stand corrected. While the info said end of this year, the sad state of certain stations says otherwise.


It’s not 5 mins, its 8 mins as you said or probably 10 mins with luggage and you know where you are going.

It’s got poor connectivity for commuters compared to all the other lines. I looked into it and supposedly the current station location was only decided late in the project. They need to put in travelators.


They are. There’s going to be one in the main walkway between Taipei Main and A1. I hope it’ll be longer than the one that connects to Beimen. Why the half-assed job of covering just half the distance when they could’ve put in one that covered the whole length of the hallway?


Yeah that is totally retarded.


Actually pretty good job with all the signage transfer information.


Then there’s this, maps next to each other but facing different directions.


Whew, horrific. Never fall asleep alone on trains.

I always wonder what I would do in that type of situation. Maybe try to kick him in the balls repeatedly.



Lemme guess, the professional-looking map on the right was produced by Taipei Metro; the primitive-looking one on the left was produced by the TRA? If I’m correct, this is pretty much what you would expect—one station, (more than) two systems!



these maps are always rotated based on which way you are facing when looking at hte map. it’s a big pet peeve of mine on these mrt maps, because i always have to re-orient the maps in my head so up is north. why can’t all maps just be set ‘north is up’ ?? do people actually like these directionally-oriented maps?


I do! (As I’ve said a whole bunch of times, probably in this very thread, when the same point has been raised.)

EDIT: They’re especially useful at those stations where I’ve gone up a couple of escalators and flights of stairs and may have gotten turned around - the signs confirm that, yes, I’m heading south or whatever.