Life on the MRT 2018



It works for me—though I can see why it might drive others nuts.



Map app works


maybe we could have a referendum vote to get it changed? for me its bonkers. why even use the N if its just going to be rotated. completely defeats the point!its not google maps which is rotating around you as you walk, its a piece of paper.


If you see these signs beside each other with no writing, or can’t understand the language, or the words are just too small, what would you think? One is NOT OK, and one is OK? Or don’t do the first one, but the second one is OK?

Both are NOT OK.

How about this one?


What the hell is the guy in the right hand poster on the bottom doing? Walking his dog on the tracks?


The “mind the gap” one is using the red circle to focus on where the issue is, not to show what is forbidden.

He is using a stick to recover the kids hat from the tracks.

Edit: I just noticed that both of your posts could be using sarcasm and not really asking questions. If that’s the case, just ignore my comment.




“Both my posts”? I just made one. I was joking, but I was also legitimately curious. What an odd thing to warn people about.


Maybe quit making things up that confuse people and instead follow international standards. Taiwan wants to be internationally recognized so get with the program.


No, no. In Taiwanese officials mind, they must change things so they imprint their mark and get recognized for that, hence allowing them to rise among the ranks. That means changing things that are fine and correct into incorrect things, silly things, as long as they change something, anything.

Which may be quite sarcastic when they steal foreign ideas/images and adapt them wrongly and without permission, but that is another issue.

In summary, following international convention, whether it is map signs to MLA, is anathema.


I meant to say the posts of you both.
You as in @DrewCutz and @tango42


It’s a pedo recovering his tracks.


Thanks. My phone is now covered by a mouthful of water


I thought maybe the kid in the photo had to go really bad and they’re just cleaning up.


Is this part of red line open now?




:clown_face: mmm maybe.


Lots of cops and security on the MRT blue line and in stations today.

Anyone know what’s up?



They knew you were coming.


Maybe Flamethrower boy was spotted.