Life on the MRT 2018


It’s changing in Canada, slooooowly… :sleeping:


Airport MRT slowly or…converting sidewalks into bike paths slowly?


I mean federal and provincial funding for municipal infrastructure. Basically the mayors and local MP’s and MPP’s beg for crumbs from the federal/provincial coffers, and if they’re lucky the governments say yes, but now it’s getting trendy to say yes.

Edit: oh, I get the joke. Somewhere in between.


it is what it is. taipei is also the only livable place on the island, due to public transport.


Do people actually read warning signs in the carriages, it looks like they’re oblivious to them.



Does anyone have different emotional connections to the different lines? Like for me, the Orange line is always kinda low class as it goes to places like Sanchong and Yonghe. The Blue line is the business line as it is busy and goes to city hall and main station.


Brown Line - great breakfast spots, friends, memories

Green Line - NTU/NTNU, office workers

Orange Line - middle class people going home

Red Line - Danshui daytripping, 101

Blue Line - Packed, efficient, heart of the system


Fixed that for you.


Brown line - Commute/Transfer frustration, Yong He Soy Milk King
Green Line - Work, Night markets
Orange line - ??? (No idea what goes on in this line)
Red line - 101, Taipei Main station for weekend tour of Taiwan
Blue line - Home, Shopping


I’m so tired of bumping my head on handles handles handles. It’s like a constant WTF where did that come from.

I wrap them around the pole every chance I get to though it’s not hitting me in the head.

Can we at least just move some of them so they’re not blocking the door and maybe a couple of the seats.


You can do that…we can’t.


Yesterday I saw this foreigner getting in the MRT carriage, he had to duck that’s how tall he was.

MRT on the weekend? I hate it! All these day tourists.


I know right?

Get back on your scooters, wannabe MRT commuters.


Looking at the news last night some guy got pepper sprayed by a dude in an argument over a seat! Cops were interviewing him and it looked like he believed it to be perfectly acceptable behaviour. Quite a few taken off to hospital following the incident.

NT$10K fine,


Shouldn’t this be in the useless advice thread?


Shouldn’t you be in the useless advice thread?



Additionally, I’d like to take a minute just to remind everyone what a total dumbass POS that Brown line is with its stupid toy train cars.
I was stopped at a light this morning and one passed overhead, cripes, could you possibly design it with any less efficient use of available space??
It’s like they planned a subway for some town with pop. 1100 or something.

The Frenchies sure saw us coming on that one.


My question is: why was he carrying a pepper spray in Taipei? I find it hard to think of a place/time a pepper spray would be absolutely necessary to carry around here. More likely, he wanted to use that on someone, anymaone, and that urge to hurt other people will only escalate. Next time a knife. Hope he doesn’t get his hands on a gun, even an airgun. He looks like a healthy, normal average guy. Seriously, we need a campaign on mental health.


I know quite a few girls that carry pepper spray because they go home alone at night outside of central Taipei.

I always wondered why but after you watch the news for a while and see all the crazy things happening to girls you realize it’s not a bad idea.


A girl. Night. Outside urban areas. Isolated buildings. Lone parking lots. That is the use of pepper sprays.

It gives you time to run. However, as with all weapons, you have to know how to use it. You must know not to use it at close range. You have to use it quickly before the attacker can cover themselves. Other self defense mechanisms are advisable at close range.

Adult. Guy. Healthy. Kuting!?