Life on the MRT 2018


I know @rk1951 carries pepper spray when he’s out on his scoots/motorcycle in Zhongli and Taoyuan.

A police friend of his suggested, best line of defense if a mobster comes after you if there’s a traffic accident/crash is pepper spray. Don’t lay a finger on them.


Mobsters never go alone. Most carry bats or other hitting instruments. Some maybe even guns. Appeasement would be a better strategy.

Again: as I was taught: pepper spray is like a grenade, you use it and run. Better said, use it to run.


Hey, that must have been me!

The worst is when the car is packed and I can’t get in beyond the few inches right under the door. That part of the carriage has a slightly lower ceiling, maybe around my eye level. Exact same height as the door frame. So I have to awkwardly half crouch, or tilt my head to the side. Both of which are hella awkward and painful.

That’s another reason I love the brown line… I can get on without ducking, and stand straight in any part of the car.


Tall people have a rough life.


The world is not made for us. Especially this world.

Also, you have to carry business cards which say “I don’t play basketball” in selected widely spoken languages.


But of course you DO play basketball. All tall people play basketball.


Now that belongs in the useless obvious advice thread! :slight_smile:


If you mistakenly entered the wrong car and turned around and got back out to take the train at the opposite site it was you. He had to duck twice to get in and back out within 10 seconds when he saw he was on the wrong train.


Is anyone else noticing delays on the blue line lately? The bus thread reminded me as the drivers have been jerking the passengers as if they were plucking feathers off a chicken. Especially when approaching Main Station.

Oh, and I must confess to being a cellphone zombie. Missed my transfer stop, came back, got on the wrong train again… It was a bad start to the day.


You. Have. Become. One of Them.


My guess is…you were watching this on repeat:

Which in your case, Auntie Peng, is ok. No shame.


‘Smartphones’ make people dumber, remember that.


I put a reminder in my smartphone so I don’t forget.


It’s all part of the God-Emperor’s plan. :slight_smile: :robot: :rainbow:


I went YouBiking around New Taipei the other day checking out the progress on the Circle Line.

Most of the “big green signs” have been updated to a construction end date of November 2018 (was previously June 2018).

There has been substantial progress since I last did the ride about six months ago, especially around Banqiao where the guideway is now complete and the station has gone from almost nothing to perhaps 70%.

The guideway is now complete along the entire route and although you obviously can’t see the tracks from the ground, those are probably complete or close to it in most places, too. In some places, the street-level construction barriers have been removed, streets have been repaved, and landscaping work has been done on the median.

The station structures are still looking pretty skeletal on the northern half of the line from Banqiao towards Industrial Park, but are closer to completion on the southern half from Banqiao to Jingping Road and on to Dapinglin (I didn’t bike that far).

November 2018 still seems a little optimistic based on the construction progress. The smart money says mid-2019.


Well, they’ll change it again and again and aga…, you’ll see it’ll be mid 2020ish!


I wish. I was following the plight of my Taiwanese pal kicked out of the US because her work permit got cancelled by no fault of her own not her hiring company, but «just the way things,are now». Sigh.

Oh but that TK smile…


Dapinglin is practically done. Last typhoons one of the fake walls fell and we had a look at the complete expansion of the station. Gates, stairs, art…including the disco lights.

I have documented the whole transformation from the Big Dig to the expanded fancy sidewalks and UBike stations we have now.


no chance in hell its getting done this year. i would be surprised if it even happens next year.


Fight video.