Life on the MRT 2018




Might have been someone’s escaped pet mouse?


Israel and Germany are two destinations this wannabe nazi can immediately strike off her bucket-list.


…and the U.S., unless she covers it up so that it’s not spotted by a CBP officer when she enters the country.


Speciesist. :frowning_face:


Cool updates on the circular line. Almost done.

This is around COSTCO Yonghe.


I am still concerned about all the glass at Dapinglin station.


Almost done? Yeah, we know the almost done thing in Taiwan, add 2 more years!

" … 16 June 2018 (planned), but has been delayed until the end of 2018" :thinking:


well, it looks more done than 6 months ago. :rofl:



That’ll teach him not to complain about anything that’s analogous to a situation in his home country. You sure showed him, Gain. :roll_eyes:


I never said anyone shouldn’t complain about anything that’s analogous to a situation in their home country. I just find it ironic.


No one is obsessed with you. Whenever you pop into a thread you’re always putting someone down for whatever reason. The dude was just making an offhand about the MRT delay, and you did some weird deep-dive about the Belgian metro. I bet you weren’t even aware of that beforehand and just googled “Belgium train delay” because you wanted to find something you could reply to him with.


I don’t always do anything.

Well, yes. And it was an easy search. Almost every country’s construction delays. Big deal.


Brussels is a special place. Well Belgium is, they are planning to finish (closing) the belt (ring) road around Antwerp which was in planning for decades, now they started kind of. Mostly politics and environmental issues (bridge or tunnel?)


Zhonghe, actually


Hey, not every country! I’ll have you know, in my country (AMERICA BY THE WAY), every construction project is always finished precisely on time, to cost, and at extremely high quality!


At the end of the second video it says “Circle line, almost done.”

And then the top comment on the video is “Maybe the word ‘almost’ should be used a little more cautiously.”

I’m going with the netizens on this one… doesn’t look like ‘almost’ to me.


Well our end has been done for months. I expect them to make the deadline of the end of 2018, as written on the MRT boards, even if it is December 31st at midnight!


We’ll see. It sure seemed unlikely when a year ago the Banqiao Circle Line station had basically not even been started. But they’ve made amazing progress in just 12 months so anything is possible.

And after all it’s Taiwan, so if push comes to shove in the last month they can just cha bu duo it!