Life on the MRT 2022

What will be planned to start operation in 2022, but not really start until 2023?

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1 Jan 2022 after fireworks (not me)


It’s always been like that, a big squeeze . I fail to see the fun aspect of it.


Ankeng line.

“Ankeng light rail train under testing, system set to open in 2022 - Focus Taiwan”

“Train for Ankeng light-rail transit being tested - Taipei Times” Train for Ankeng light-rail transit being tested - Taipei Times

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I’ve made it about three years not riding the MRT. Here’s to a fourth. :tada:

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I actually don’t understand the appeal for the 101 firework. It’s really short, like maybe 5 minutes if you were lucky (I think this year it’s 360 seconds). There are literally better firework shows anywhere else.

Light Blue line is supposed to start in 2023.

Progress is shown in this video.


I always feel bad when I sit in the dark blue seats on the MRT. Because no one else does, but technically you can, you should just get up if someone older/whatever needs it. But when there’s no other seats but those, but also plenty of those available, and not many people standing, they’re fair game.

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I don’t feel bad using old people seats, I feel self-conscious, knowing someone will probably viral video it somewhere and even though the MRT is empty and no one around to use them, will claim that the foreigners is using old people seats.


Yeah, this is what I actually mean. Not bad, just self conscious someone will think the stupid foreigner is using the wrong seat

Couldn’t find a map of it but seems to extend southwest off of the blue line

Btw, it really bugs me that good maps shows the Orange Line in yellow color. The exact same color as roads. Wth

It has its own website - not updated often though. The end point is the New Taipei - Taoyuan border - but is planned to go 2 more stops to Bade when Taoyuan do their part.

Is this going to be another tram-type line, or heavier?

Similar to Taipei Circular Line, even the same trains from Hitachi Rail Italy(formerly AnsaldoBreda), but only 2 cars instead of 4.


What is even more annoying is when you get on the MRT and an old person is in front of you picks the light blue seat instead of the dark blue and there are no other seats available. I can understand if they are with someone and want to sit together, but when they are alone, it’s like they are taking up 2 seats.

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Maybe they’re choosing the light blue seat for one or more of the same reasons you are? To leave the dark blee seat for someone who needs it more. I’m sure I’ve seen very old people, maybe on a bus, getting up to offer their seat to even older people.

On the mrt, as I think has been mentioned many times before, everyone is expected to give up any seat to anyone who needs it. The darker seats are just to remind people, and create enough social tension that billboards have been put up featuring a bleeding but peaceful Zhuge Liang (?)

I had an um… interesting experience the other week going home about 2am after the 101 fireworks. Got on with my girlfriend, only the dark blue seats available. She was tired, so sat in one, and I stood directly in front of her. There was no one else standing. Next stop, an old lady takes the dark blue seat next to her. An old man, possibly with her, stands so close to me that one side of his body is pressing against mine with such force that I have to hold on to the bar and push down on the floor through my feet to stand my ground. Still no one else is standing, and my immediate thought is that I’d rather stand in front of my girlfriend than elsewhere, so I turn to him and ask him gently but loudly and clearly if he can stop pushing me. He moves two foot away so he is standing in front of the old lady and asks me what I said. I repeat myself and he asks me who is pushing him. I laugh and say in a friendly but slightly forced way, well you were, but no matter, it’s nothing. I tell him I just want to stand in front of my girlfriend. He then says that she should give up her seat anyway, and we immediately say of course, and then he says it’s because another of their group, who is still being helped into the train, is in her eighties, and I mention that we have already given up our seat, so everything should be okay now, before we move away to stand elsewhere. I consult my girlfriend about my Chinese and she tells me I could have used 擠 (ji3) instead of 推 (tui1), but agrees that the guy had been behaving a bit strangely.

Two days ago one of my students pushed their open workbook onto their nose and wrapped the two sides around. I asked them not to be silly and they took it off and then said, “What? I’m not doing anything!”

Was the old man simply physically unaware of pressing against somebody and slightly deaf due to age? Maybe next time we are tired I should sit in the dark seat next to my girlfriend so I can see who is getting on and stand us up before we get ambushed and called out for being tired and relaxed :fire:

At 4:34 you can see the collapsed concrete casing (tower) that killed 3 people. Not much done since that happened.

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I suspect that work on that Pier would stop until the real cause is known. Work is continuing at various sites in Yingge though.

Even though complaining about annoying people on MRT, I suspect would annoy me on the MRT.

New info panels on trains