Life on the MRT


You could be one of two people that live in Taipei that refer to the MRT lines as their line numbers.


And Brown Line trains in Taipei are from France

(@ranlee better?)


Well technically the first Brown line trains were Matra from France while the later trains were from Canada . Made by Bombardier.

I like the Matra trains better. CAn’t understand why DORT (dept of rapid transit) couldn’t bury the hatchet with Matra, especially after Siemens bought Matra.

Guess those law suits cut deep.

Are the Matra trains still running? They were shut out for some time for remapping of software after Bombardier took over the line.

@Chris. Yeah the Brown line Michelin tires were often past 5 years old when the line finally got moving. And tires are no good after 5 years even if never used in many cases.

Must be a bitch when one tire blows on those suckers.
Imagine your job is to check the air pressure on those tires daily?


Yes Tommy the Matra trains (the ones with yellow seats) are still running. The newer Bombardier trains (with the farcically large blue seats) are unfortunately running too–good god those trains are badly designed.



I had a chat with a bloke from gustamela who had studied here 15 years ago. He left , I stayed all these years. There’s a lesson there somewhere, probably I like noodles more. I asked him how many caucasians are in. Guatamela. Less than 1% seemingly. Haven’t had a chat with a stranger on the MRT in what…years? Maybe it was the 15 years ago effect as he was only passing through.


Any word on when the Airport MRT line will open?


How do you say in mandarin, “i got/rode the wrong mrt line.”?


Wo shang cuo de ma zi.
I got on the wrong horse (it’s fairly close In meaning you can try it).


我坐錯線Wǒ zuò cuò xiàn (I got on the wrong line) or 我坐錯方向Wǒ zuò cuò fāngxiàng (I went the wrong direction)


Taoyuan Airport MRT? When does it start its operations?


Tomorrow, 2 years, ten years later. Take your pick.



“Late 2016” is still being mentioned, e.g.

Still some issues to be ironed out, apparently…

I guess they will stick with that rather vague deadline as long as possible, then either name a specific date or bump it into next year.


I noticed they already have the maps updated, at least, in my station, showing the Airport route. However, the start date is given as “soon”.


Yup, I just saw it too. They’ve put a sticker over the updated map, saying the airport MRT service will commence soon. I wouldn’t put too much credence in that word “soon.” I see you posted about this 11 days ago. :confused:


Taipei, Nov. 2 (CNA) Transportation Minister Ho Chen Tan (賀陳旦) said Wednesday that a long-delayed mass rapid transit system linking Taipei and Taiwan’s main international airport could begin service in the first half of next year.

The 35.7-kilometer line, which has been under construction since 2006 and will serve 22 stations, including 14 from Taipei Main Station to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, was originally scheduled to open in 2010.


C O U L D.

its delayed like another year and the best they can do is could!?



Child + pepper spray = ?

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Mayor Ko proposes a monthly pass.

An easy criticism is that you basically need to live in Danshui or another far-flung suburb (assuming you work downtown), or else $2500 is more than you’re likely to spend in a month.

Why don’t they make it a monthly cap? I.e. you pay the same amount as with a normal card, but when you reach $2500 of use in a single month, the rest of the month is free, so the same benefit exists but without the risk of wasting money. If I’m not mistaken, Sydney’s Opal card works like this.

Also in the article:

“We should either legalize Uber services or raise the efficiency of our taxi service to Uber’s level,” Ko said. “As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.”