Life on the MRT


yea thats a better idea. email the office! its rare i spend more than $1000 NTD in a month on the mrt.


It’s not a great offer. Don’t they give 20% off on ezcard anyway?
They don’t give discounts for kids which I think is quite strange.


I’m pretty sure kids do get discounts. Each of my children (aged between 6-12) pays the same fare as I do when riding the MRT. Here’s a link that seems to confirm this


I know they get the standard discount (20%)which everybody with an ezcard gets, but I mean a child’s fare specifically.
I heard that kids used to get a special discount but they got rid of it.

Senior citizens on the other hand get 40% off. I guess kids can’t vote and kids all live in New Taipei City eh.


Okay, I understand you now. Well, kids don’t have to pay at all before turning 6, so that’s a pretty big discount. But I agree with what you’re saying. At least the fares are not much to begin with, but a special discount for kids would be nice.


I recall Mayor Ko saying that the 20% discount for EasyCard users should be removed too. It was introduced back in the day as an incentive for people to use the card–it was not intended to be a permanent pricing policy. Who knows if they will have the political will to cut it? But my advice is to enjoy it while you can!



I thought the idea was to lower the standard fare to make the two fares the same.


New target for the airport line: Feb/Mar 2017.


Is also what they said last year around this time.

I’m going to borrow this one from @Rocket


I remember every November since 2013, the target will be March 2014.
November 2014 -> March 2015
November 2015 -> March 2016
November 2016 -> March 2017
so on…




You owe me 5 bucks


Another not so straight thinking guy making a fuss on the MRT…armed with 4 assorted knives and a pair of eyebrow tweezers.


That’s why I always ride my bikes.


MMuni has a monthly pass for 73 dollars
Used it 16 years ago at 35 dollars if memory serves
Can be used on all muni buses and the cable car and muni light rail
But on Bart only the few stops in the city

It’s great for people who use it a lot


You definitely get a better class of nutcase in Taiwan, IMO.


And yet, he did managed to hurt an MRT employee with them. Not badly,thankfully.


Holy catfish. This morning on the MRT there were two young ladies Lesbianating the bejeeziss out of each other. Kookoo bananas, man, like 5 times the PDA you ever see het couples engaging in.

Frigging wicked, man.


This is as believable as getting right of way while driving here.

but Raccoons don’t lie…


You question my veracity??
I’m not bullshitting back here, man, I’m dead friggin serious.