Life's great! YAY!

Someone once told me (was it Oprah?) that you can do wonders for your attitude/outlook/disposition/mood/etc. if you do the following routine every night, before sleep:

List five things that you are grateful for that day.

Can be anything, big or small.

I used to do it long time ago and I remember that it really worked. It made me happier, more content with myself and life and made me just a nicer person in general.

Why not try it? You don’t have to do it in this thread, but it’d be nice if you’d share. If you don’t, at least try it at home.

Here’s my gratitude list for today, in random order:

  1. I am lucky to have good, good friends. (Some of you are here and know who you are. Thank you for tolerating me IRL :slight_smile:)
  2. I survived yet another day in Taipei traffic.
  3. This morning’s cappuccino was perfect.
  4. Mom called.
  5. I’m in love.


Cynics are welcome to post here too. Let’s see what you’ve got :smiley:

Nice idea…Ok here goes.

I am grateful for:

  1. the world not ending with the return of the Anti Christ yesterday…phew!
  2. getting a whopper with cheese just before Burger King closed,
  3. seeing selfish asshole blue trucker smash his front end due to not considering those around him,
  4. the cute gal with the killer thighs who flirts with me every time i visit her food store, and
  5. the lovely thong she was wearing that was hanging out of her jeans…drool…!

There, now I feel better!

:snore: zzzzzzzzzzz

  1. An hour in the morning to wake up slowly.
  2. My son who will be up soon.
  3. My wife who will be shortly afterward.
  4. Being sober and not going too crazy.
  5. Got a new kitten who is hiding somewhere in the house.
  1. Woke up, which means I get to live for at least one more day. Hurray!
  2. Employed.
  3. Not living on a rubbish tip like so many poor bastards of the Third World.
  4. The people I’ve known: The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  5. Two geriatric dogs.

this coming especially easy after watching some of the documentaries on pbs last night, one was about homeless people and one was about a 13 yr. old boy gunned down in a gang related drive by shooting:

  1. i have a house i am making payments on.
  2. a single incidence of gun violence where i live makes the evening news for two to three straight days in a row.
  3. being unemployed for the moment-i get up when i want, do what i want, drink when i want, oh, and look for a job when i want. (may not be on the list much longer as i do have a mortgage and all, huh, still no worries), i always find work when i need to.
  4. having the two best dogs in the world as my roommates.
  5. knowing i will be visiting taipei again real soon. yes really. its my escape from america. its my vacation spot. its my reality check. its my eye opener. its my joy. its my knowing i get to see my sweet friends there again soon. its my unwinding. its my time for self reflection. its my time to add to my life portfolio. There is always something fresh and new as i saunter the streets. some may take it for granted, but i relish every odd, normal, profound, quaint, moving, refreshing moment. plus, where in montana am i going to find cho dofu, agei, ew an tan, or che lun bing? sorry for my bad pinyin.


  1. I didn’t get bit by a snake this morning.
  2. My bike’s new top end is sounding sweeeet, even though I’m stuck at 60kph tops for the next 700km.
  3. 2pm and I’ve only had one cigarette.
  4. My wife’s dead cool.
  5. I’m friends with tash.

It’s like a path in the grass. The more you tread that path the easier it is to walk it in the future. Make positive pathways…
The trouble is the fact that lethargy and ‘life laundry’ often get in the way. Brain not functioning, bad meal, poor sleep etc all lead us to get out of the habit of walking positive paths.

My 5 for today:

  1. It’s not too hot.
  2. I had a burger king for lunch.
  3. Today is the ‘hump,’ and I will soon be over it.
  4. I get to spend a few hours with the lovely Erhu. (I hope she brings me a coke.)
  5. I might cut my hair today, I might not. Fancy!
  1. I have a home
  2. My wife loves me, and mostly tolerates my imperfections. And I her.
  3. I am discovering new ways of seeing life thru the 10 yr old boy who is now in my life.
  4. When I look in the mirror in the morning, I see myself looking back.
  5. I still find beauty in the simple things of life. A smile, a kindness, an unexpected flower, a new smell in the air, meeting a stranger, seeing a white cloud in a blue sky(Tainan has 'em) and many other things that happen on a semi-daily basis.

For those things I am truly grateful and humbled.

Being back from holiday and in the hotseat again
Realising my great numbers have all been fabricated lower down the chain
Knowing that I will sleep alone tonight (gf away on business)
Confirming that the stupidest man alive has been promoted several levels above me in my absence
Being 100% sure that as the sun is out and I am in Taipei it will rain soon!

Well, I’m sorry but it was all getting just a bit too fluffy in here!

  1. I didn’t kill anyone today.
  2. I haven’t had a cigarette in 5 days. (which is why #1 is so good)
  3. My friends have learned to rationalize with me in a manner I might understand. IE: “Stop it, he is bigger than us”
  4. I actually had a full meal today. My first since I got food poisoning last Friday (see number 2)
  5. 2 days left till the weekend
  1. I woke up - woohoo!
  2. My employer pays me in full and on time.
  3. It’s not raining at the moment.
  4. Maple Syrup.
  5. One more day I’ve managed to avoid the Mormoms. (Pssssst…they’re after me :help:)

  1. Kitten’s not hiding anymore.
  2. Kitten woke me up at 5:45 attacking my bedspread.
  3. Took a walk and listened to the Dead on my MP3.
  4. Got a laugh at David Icke’s expense.
  5. Wife and son will be up soon to join me in playing with the kitten.

[quote=“jdsmith”]1. Kitten’s not hiding anymore.
2. Kitten woke me up at 5:45 attacking my bedspread.
3. Took a walk and listened to the Dead on my MP3.
4. Got a laugh at David Icke’s expense.
5. Wife and son will be up soon to join me in playing with the kitten.[/quote]

Try making paper airplanes and flying them past your kitty. Had two cats back years ago who just loved playing catch the paper airplanes.

1)Freedom to chose
2)No depression
4)home of my own
5)a country to go to when I ‘think’ it’s really bad
6)religious beliefs that have sustained me in the worst of times
7)A father that always said no to me, which taugh me how to say yes in my own voice
8)wisdom that comes with age
9)That I have had to see a wonderful side to men while living in Taiwan. Many of the guys I know here, have made me a better person :beer:
10)That no matter what, I know it’s always gonna work out. :slight_smile:

Tash wrote:

I’m in love[/quote] I hope you are BEING loved also :beer: :bravo:

1)Just get rid of a liar,coward, bastard.
2)Going to have a long vacation with My friend who I like.
3)Find something new ,will spend some time to do it.
4)have all the threatening messages and emails copied and filed to police. :banned:
5)having a happy conversation everyday with the one I love. :beer:

  1. Strawberry milkshake
  2. er…
  3. that’s it

Going to have a long vacation with My friend who I like.
:laughing: [/quote]
How many friends do you have that you don’t like?

My good news is that I’ve finally broken the habit of feeling optimistic about the basic goodness of people.

I have figured out, at last, that many people who do not seem to be ungrateful, advantage-taking, malevolent scumbags are in fact exactly that.

Nothing in particular happened to make me feel this way–call reaching a critical mass where a breakthrough is unavoidable.

I know, I know. Mighty late to figure out that humans basically suck, but a big step for a former pathological optimist like me.

Of course, there are still some good ones out there. I know a lot of them. I realize that’s worth celebrating.

Hot seat has cooled down since yesterday
Have worked out how to blag the fact that the numbers are still great
Slept like a log (might have to make up the spare room for when she’s back)
If stupid people can get promoted, so can I! (hmm does that read right?)
It seems to be raining considerately around when I need to walk to and from buildings, and my roof is pretty good

OK, having a better day!!