Life's too short to

…work all the time.

… worry about people who do not care for me.

… count my pennies.

I need a holiday. Thank God Chinese New Year is around the corner. Flights booked to a tropical paradise. I can’t wait.

You were able to book a flight ove the CNY holidays? :notworthy:

Oh no. Flight were booked 4 months ago.

Life’s too short to… … Wait until the last minute. :slight_smile:

…Stay in Taiwan.

:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :thumbsup:

…Bitch about Taiwan.

heheheheheheheheehhehe funnies

You need to get away often enough to clear your head (It’s the same anywhere you live). It works for me. Taking 4 weeks off soon. 10 days in Thailand, 14 days in Egypt, and about one week here catching up with stuff I never have time to do.

Life’s too short to… … Dwell.

…spend this much time of

…join Chinese training program and teach international people. (when I am already a Chinese :blush: speaker…) :blush:

… suffer fools gladly

… drink bad wine/coffee/whisky

… not live like this may be the last day of your life

You have to, because you never know when you’re the fool.

I can’t spend all my cash on coke, champagne and helicopter rides every day.

Sure you can! Just ask yourself, do you WANT it? If so, price is no object, right?

I WANT it if I’m dying in 24 hrs!


Why is the ‘popcorn’ smiley so irritating? Can’t we have a smiley where someone just smiles?

Sorry, jp, no drama.


Oh dear … getting a little bit Stray Dog there …

You have to, because you never know when you’re the fool.[/quote]Isn’t that the truth. I can’t count the number of times I’ve got angry with people about something that was actually my fault, or my misunderstanding at least.

[quote=“jimipresley”]:popcorn:[/quote]I’m afraid I can’t agree with you there. There’s always time for popcorn, unless it’s 7-11 popcorn.

Well, what I mean is - even if you are the second least foolish person on the planet, there’s still one person who may rightfully treat you as the 'tard you are. :laughing: That’s not to say that if you disable your Norton Tardwall 2010, then it’s not your own fault if you get infected.