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[quote=“Loretta”]Mate, thanks for your input but I am NOT FAT!!!Why does everyone assume that just because someone asks questions about healthy eating they want to lose weight?quote]

Maybe ramago was confused by your first post.

Yeah, OK.

Maybe I should have specified that I’m more ‘fat’ than I have ever been before but not actually fat and not gaining weight.

Anyway, kudos to vegans for doing vegetarianism properly. But it’s not for me. The human race has evolved over millions of years to eat meat as well as veges, and I’m not going to start spending the whole day nibbling on things I don’t like. I’ll stick to a few meals a day, but I’m trying to include more greenery.

I cleared my desk last night. You have no idea what an immense achievement that was. I feel like a million silver dollars today!! Getting things done is an enormous oart of keeping yourself healthy because it rewards you for your efforts.

The trouble is that at the moment I have too much to do to have time for exercise.

Diet: eat consciously- everyone is different and what works for one might not work for another. Eat slow so you can really taste your food and feel what it does to you. If it makes you feel good. Eat more of it. If it doesn’t, but you really love it. Just eat it less frequently. It’s not only what you eat, but also how you eat it, when you eat it and what you eat it with that can make a difference. Experiment but listen to your body.

My winners:
Drink water water water!!!
Do not eat an hour before or after sleep. Your body is still gearing up or gearing down and not ready for digestion.
Only eat fruit for a day or half a day. (really hard but it makes me feel great)

Exercise: Do a little bit every day!
Seriously, stretch a little here an there. Take walks. Play games with friends. Hike or dance or clean the house. Whatever exercise you do, remind yourself that it’s the time during your day that you relax and have fun. It works wonders to spend time like this every day. Not just physically but emotionally, too.
A must to release daily tensions.

My winners:
Strech strech strech and regular visits to the park.
Once I’m there I just kind of get into whatever I feel like.

Just be conscious. If you listen to your body you will know exactly what to do and what not to.

Good luck!

You mean like trees and bushes and stuff I guess. Isn’t that hard on the teeth?