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My name is Jon Swingler, and I work for a research agency based in London called Sense Worldwide, I need to find people in the Far East to take part in a small research project we are running.

We have just been commissioned to conduct some lifestyle research in the Far East. The client who has commissioned us is one of the leading domestic electrical appliance component manufacturers in the world; and the research is in to electronic home entertainments, and the part they play in people’s lives.

The countries / cities in which we need to conduct the research are as follows:

Hong Kong / Kowloon

The people we need to find need to be middle to upper-class [quite wealthy,as the products will be at the higher price bracket of the market ], all to enjoy a good quality of life, and striving for more. We need some single people living alone, and some with families.

The research will consist of filling out a questionnaire, taking some photographs of their homes [we will supply disposable cameras], and drawing a plan of their houses [indicating where televisions, Hi-Fi’s etc are placed]. We will UPS the research pack and camera direct to your home. The project will only take 2 hours to complete, and then all you have to do is telephone UPS to pick up the research pack - we will, of course, pay for all of this.

For taking part in the project, you will be paid US$200.

You must also be good at reading and writing in English, as the questionnaire is in English!

We need the project to start immediately, so any help that you can give us will be most appreciated.

If you are interested in taking part in the research project, please fill out this short profile, and email back to me as soon as possible, thanks:






Email Address:

Contact Telephone Number:

Kindest regards

Jon Swingler

Sense Worldwide Ltd.
9 South Molton Street
London W1K 5QH

T: +44 20 7493 8870
F: +44 20 7493 8869

I’m doing a survey on credit cards and banks accounts. Please e-mail me your bank account information and your credit card details, including expiry dates and passwords. I will pay you $250!

I’m doing a study on international money transfers. All you have to do is send 1000 US$ to my bank account on the Cayman Islands! For taking part in my project, you’ll be paid 300 US$! Yes, that’s 300 US$ for a few minutes of work!

Oh, and please do this before participating in Maoman’s survey!

I got this in my mail. I swear, I’m not making this up…

From: Phil Nduka
Union Bank Headquarters
Union Bank Building, Marina Lagos.


My name is Mr Phil Nduka, a senior staff of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. I got your contact through my desperate search in order to actualize the realization of the below BUSINESS DEAL which requires urgent attention to be completed within a minimum period.

The business deal is as follows:

One foreigner by name Mr Jones G. Haford an Engineer by profession, he was also an oil merchant contractor with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (oil ministry). Before his death six years (6) ago in a car accident, he had a domicillary deposit account with our bank (Union Bank of Nigeria Plc), and his closing balance as at last month ending is US$11,200,000.00. The bank has since been expecting the claims of the funds by the next of kin which late Mr. Jones G. Haford did not clearly stated in his account opening forms. The unavailability of the next of kin gave the bank concern after the long period that the account has been dormant. As a result of this, the Board of Directors is about to place the funds as NCLAIMABLE?nbsp; and might decide in due course to donate part of the funds to Red Cross Organizations and Child Care Trust Funds.

In order to prevent this, myself and one of my colleagues in the bank by name Mr. Francis Agu seek your permission to have you stand as a next of kin to late Mr Jones G. Haford so that the funds would be released and paid into your account as the next of kin of the deceased.

Please be rest assured that all information and data to enable you claim this funds will be given to you at the appropriate time. This business deal is 100% risk free on your side. If you agree on this our business proposal, you will receive 35% of this US$11,200,000.00, while two of us here in Nigeria will receive 65%. Let me know your ability, capability and readiness to assist us in this business deal, but very importantly, remember that you do not have to take undue advantage of the trust we have bestowed on you to expose the deal or cheat us in any way.

Very importantly, do not reply me on the email address which I used to send this mail to you. Kindly reply me urgently only on this my confidential email address and inform me of your acceptance to do this business deal with me.

Best regards.
Mr. Phil Nduka

Originally posted by wolf_reinhold: I got this in my mail. I swear, I'm not making this up...

From: Phil Nduka
Union Bank Headquarters
Union Bank Building, Marina Lagos.


Hot damn! No more teaching!

By the way, no one better horn in on my commission!

Jon forgot to ask about daily schedules, dogs, and alarms. That’s so unprofessional on his part I find myself almost doubting whether he’s a legitimate market researcher!

Re: Lifestyle Research.

Hello - After reading some of your replies, I must admit it does all sound a bit shady doesn’t it? I get emails everyday telling me I can make easy money, and they just end up in my recycle bin.

But I guess there really isn’t a lot more I can say to persuade you that this is legitimate, other than take a look at the website, or even give me a call.

We are an Market Research Society approved company, with a client base consisting of some of the largest companies in the world - we pay well, because we want the job done properly, first time.

Kindest regards


Sense Worldwide Ltd.
9 South Molton Street
London W1K 5QH
United Kingdom

T: + 44 20 7251 8121
F: + 44 20 7493 8869
M: + 44 7763 549 182

Those Nigerian emails are driving me crazy and I am trying to stop them by sending them a a nice counteroffer. The guy above may be ok, he just got into the wrong forum.


= = =

Dear Sir/Madam.

Thanks for your exciting offer.

My name is Pierre LeCon, remotely in family with the dog of President of France, Jacques Chirac.

In return, I would like to make you a counter offer, which should multiply your funds considerably.

The French government has entrusted the sale of a 320 meter tall old, worn iron tower to me. This tower is at present located in Paris. The reason for the removal of the tower is partly safety. The tower is 116 years old and may collapse unless renovated. The new French government under President Jacques Chirac is right-wing and will not pay this cost. The only alternative is to tear it down, and due to my good connections to Mr Chirac, which is a personal friend, the French government has in secret entrusted the sale to me. However, as the removal may spark some protests among the general French population, discretion is strictly required. The Price for the tower is US$1,000,000 and removal costs are estimated to be US$2,000,000.

The scrap value of the tower is US$12,000,000. The net proceeds would therefore be US$9,000,000. I will take a 50% cut of the proceeds as my fee. the rest, or US$4,500.000 would therefore be yours. Moreover, I may be able to arrange a rapport with French government ministers, which should keep you and the ones dear to you safe in the future.

I am looking forward to you responding to this mail in the near future.

Worst Regards

Pierre LeCon

= = =

They never reply to that one… Odd.

Holger, my uncle runs a scrap dealership and I might be interested in your offer. Can you provide some additional information?

I’ll save you some money, Jon.
People in Taiwan use electrical “entertainments” as you put it, in the same fashion as anyone else anywhere does. What, you think we set up our stereo in the bathroom? (…down Sandman, down)
If your outfit were legitimate, you could just ask nicely for the info right here on oriented.

Hi Wolf

Thanks for the reply - like the way you’re thinking.

However the questionnaire is quite in-depth, and I also need 25+ photo’s to accompany it, as I need to build profile boards for each territory.

As I don’t seem to be getting much joy on, I don’t suppose you could suggest any other chat forums where I could ask for help do you?

All suggestions will be gratefully appreciated, as I should have got this project underway last week, and my client is expecting an update when I fly out to San Francisco this afternoon!

Kindest regards


Dear Sandman,

No problem.

However this operation has to be a secret, so I’ll have to run a minor background check on you. It is really just a minor detail, just provide your credit information. (bank a/c nos, credit cards nos, passwords etc).

Moreover, the transfer of US$3m will also have to be arranged. As our counterpart is the French government, borrowing US$3m (in your name) should pose no problems.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Try - the HK equivalent of

Thanks 3q

I really appreciate it


No problem, Holger, but you must think I’m REALLY stupid if I’d post all that senstitive information right here on a public forum!!!

I DON’T think so, buster. I’ve sent the info you need in a private email (I’m no mug!)

Mr. Swingler,

I know you are short of time, but I’d suggest that you outsource to a local reserach company branch. They are all represented here (TNS, Nielsen, AMI, etc.)

It is not surprising that people are not willing to divulge thieir private info over the Internet. Also, if I substitue a “d” for a “g”…

Great, Sandman.

I have already arranged the funding, which will be provided as a loan from some Russian financiers. At 200% monthly, the interest may seem high, but it’s short term bridge financing, so that shouldn’t pose any major problems.

I just need you to get over here and sign a couple of papers, so we can get started.


I have looked into out-sourcing, and from a time [and budget] perspective, it is proving a little unfeasible - thanks for the thought though.


P.S. Re: D for G - You’re not the first to have made that brilliant lateral leap…

The Paul Wemba one was good:

= = =

To:Holger Peter Nygaard,
Sub:Solicit For Investment Assistant.

It’s my pleasure to acquaint you with this proposal for
investment purpose in your country/company. I got your
contact from the internet and become interested to contact
you for a trustworthy business investment.

I am PAUL OKWU, the son of late Mr and Mrs MIKE
father was a wealthy gold merchant in Ghana before he was
poisoned to death by his business associates on one of
their business negotiation in Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire.

I loss my mother at a tender age, my father took the
responsibility of being the father and mother until his
death. Before his death on the 30th June 2001 in a private
hospital in Ghana,He told me at his bedside that he
deposited the sum of (US $18,750,000.m) in a commercial
bank in Abidjan, and I am the next of kin for the deposited

He further told me that, it was because of some money his
business associates supposed to balance him from the profit
of there business, that he was poisoned, he advice me to
seek for a God fearing foreign trustee in a country of my
choice who can assist me claim the fund from the commercial
bank for sustainable future.

Moreover, am willing to offer you 15% of the sum as
compensation for your effort and input after the successful
transfer of this fund to your bank account in your country
while 10%is for all your expenses both communication etc.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks and God Bless.

Best regards

Courtesy of ______________________________________
ORIENTED The online community network for
Taiwan’s global professionals

= = =

I guess it was you Sandman?