Light Motorbike Exam

Apologies if this has been answered before, but does anybody know if you can take the practical light motorbike exam on a 50cc Wemo (I’m able to use a 50cc on my car licence and I’m thinking the seven seconds of torture may be easier on an electric bike!) Thanks

I saw plenty of people taking the exam on GoShares, don’t see why a WeMo would be excluded. But if you pass on a light scooter (green plate), you’re only going to get a green plate license. You’ll need to pass the test on a white plate if you want a regular (50cc+) license. If you don’t have one, you can rent a white plate Gogoro through GoShare.

But if you already have a car license and can ride <50cc with that, I don’t understand why you’d want to get a separate light bike license?

Side Note: I don’t think the 7 seconds are necessarily any easier on an electric bike (of course it would be easier on a physically lighter bike). My personal experience is that you should do it on a bike you’re familiar with. If you don’t have one of your own and want a white plate license, grab a GoShare and head to one of the riverside practice areas. Once you can confidently do it there, use the same GoShare to take the test. I observed the test for a while and saw a bunch of people who borrowed the DMV’s old scooter instantly fail because they just weren’t familiar with how it handled.

Thanks, very helpful. You also make a very valid point, but having got half way there with the bike license, I just want to get it done!

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Is there anything that having the light scooter license would allow you to do that the car license wouldn’t? Genuinely curious, as I only had the car license for a while before just recently getting my regular (white plate) license.

It’s really just renting a 125 scooter if you travel somewhere the shops don’t have the 50cc. Also I haven’t tried this, but I imagine as there is a bilateral agreement with certain countries such as Japan and HK, the bike license can be converted (if this is relevant to you).

Ah, I think I misunderstood. I thought you were trying to get an additional 小型輕型機車(green plate) license in addition to your 普通小型車 (regular car) license. If you want a 普通重型機車 (white plate, 50cc+) license, you must take the test on a white plate scooter, not a WeMo.

Yes you can use any light scooter (doesn’t need to be yours , can be borrowed from a friend , relative or use the one at test center)

My advice for the 7 seconds is that you can start moving the scooter a few meters before the starting line , so once you are inside the line then you just need to keep balance and brake a little

And remember to always turn head to check traffic on left and right sides before accelerating or changing lanes and use a turn signal when making a turn