Lightweight Questions

OK. The 2 questions I have are fairly lightweight in comparison to some of the heavy-duty spoken searches elsewhere on this extremely nice web-site (really).

Here they are:

NOTE: I’m well aware that studying Mandarin for four months + at a government approved language center makes it possible for a person to successfully apply for a Resident Visa (along with a native Sponsor).

Q1: In order to apply for the Resident Visa and shortly afterwards receive the Alien Resident Certificate, must the 4 months + be consecutive (1m-2m-3m-4m), or can a Visa run interupt the cycle (1m-2m-3m-month return to home country-4m*)?

*The fourth month would mark the beginning of the new semester, so…

Q2: If a person has obtained a Resident Visa along with the ARC, is it possible to successfully apply, through a willing company, for a work visa - without a degree - to enable that person to work legally in Taiwan (thereby greatly reducing blood pressures of all involved)?

Many thanks to you all…

When I got my resident visa through studying, it was only available if you actually needed it (visitor visa could no longer be extended). If you had left the country, and then returned on a new visitor visa the clock was reset.

I did not need a local sponsor.