Like my new hairdo?

What’s the deal with women and their obsession with new hairdos?

In my school over the last couple of weeks, all our Chinese teachers have gotten new hairdos. What’s up with that?

There has got to be more hairdressers here than 7-11s. Well, maybe not 7-11s but still, there are quite a few. Walking through downtown Taipei, nearly every second floor seems to have a brightly lit hairdresser shop. Back home in Canada, I don’t recall this many hairdresser shops…

So what’s the deal? Why are Taiwanese women so obsessed with new hairdos?

Martin in LuChou.

Uh, not all the hair styling salons here do your hair.

But as for women liking to change their hairdos - it’s for the same reason they like nice clothes, are obsessed with shoes, wear makeup … Some think it’s to attract men; since men don’t care, and in most cases would prefer their women buck naked, I think it’s to attract other women. Just notice who it is who makes the appreciative comments the next time one of your female coworkers appears in a new outfit or with a new hairdo (if in fact you do notice, being a heterosexual man): it will be the other women, and the gay men.

I notice when the really gorgeous ones change their hairstyle.

The most important thing for a guy is to notice and comment when his wife or girlfriend gets a hairdo – and, of course, you have to comment approvingly, even if it looks absolutely bloody awful.

But at least, thank God, the younger women don’t get tight perms these days, because it’s very hard to lie and pretend that one of those looks good.

Who has the most disposable income?
Who has been told that “style” is the measure of femininity?
Who can’t read anything longer than their mobile phone guide?
Who has no hobby/interest other than shopping?

Daughters of the middle and upper classes between 18-35 around the world. Look in most 2nd and first world countries and see what young women buy
overpriced cosmetics and perfumes
hair “product”
non-functional clothes and shoes

It’s consumerism in overdrive.

There are some interesting facts related to different living standard and style due to different industry development in Taiwan and in other countries. I don’t know what it is like in others, but I have heard in America and in Japan, people have to spend a lot more $$ getting their fancy hairdo done in a salon or hairdresser, which is a luxurious cost. This is why they would rather do it themselves, being creative and skillful at home for changing styles. On the contrary, hairdressers are so popular in Taiwan because they are cheap and available everywhere. The real reason hasn’t been tracked back myself but I think it’s more or less because its a tradition Taiwanese women love to go to salon talking about gossips and changing mood since the early 20th century. or just when there’s somewhere called salon.
Also, it has been a very common/popular industry type for home labor on the primary stage of Taiwan economics based on farming, factory laboring, and seamster laboring etc . Most of less educated women went for home labor , especially interested in opening a hairdresser. Its sort of a history thing, and now it still continues, just being more professional, or say commericalized. I just know a lot of students uninterested in academic achievement enter vocational schools learning beauty salon profession and start as interns in a real shop at the age of 16 or 17.

The question is not why they are so into outward appearances, it’s what ELSE do Taiwanese women do??? :loco:
Prior to motherhood, the young women do what (other than try to catch a doctor)?
Please check off any:
1)Rock climbing
5)Mountain Biking
Not many do physical sports. So what do they do? Karaoke! Shop!
You better thank god they shop or else you’ll be watching a lot of FAT women with new hair-dos. Then try lying that it all looks good. :astonished:
Besides, it’s the best form of power walking! I bet they can go faster and farther than any guy when there is a super duper sale. Hahaha