Likelihood of getting a 60-day multiple entry vistor visa

Has anyone recently obtained a 60-day multiple entry visa - the kind you can renew a couple of times - without having a letter showing admission to a language school?

I am a U.S. citizen about to apply for a visa through the San Francisco TECO office. The reason I’m asking is I’d like to get to Taiwan first on a 60 day renewable without having to go through the hassle of applying to a language school from the states.

Renewable and Multiple Entry visas are two different things. I have not heard of anyone getting a multiple entry tourist visa since they stopped issuing the 5 year ones to Americans.

Ahh, thanks. I guess I really don’t need a multiple entry, single entry will work for my plans.

This is what I’ve learned, as long as the visa stamp does not say “no extension will be granted” you can extend/renew twice for a total of 180 days.

Has anyone recently received a extendable/renewable from San Fran and if so, what did you use as your purpose of visit?

Thanks again and please forgive my newbieness.

We came here last year, and we got multiple entry tourist visas that were good for 5 years. All we did was check the “multiple entry” box on the application, and paid a little more for it. We didn’t know what we were doing, it just worked out for us.

You cannot get an EXTENDABLE tourist visa from the US. You have to get a student visa if you want it to be extendable without leaving the country as far as I know.

The multiple entry visa is not extendable, so you have to leave the country every 60 days, but you can come back in without having to go to the visa office and pay for another visa, which can take days. This is a tremendous advantage.

HTH Karen