Likes and complaints. The needs of the one

You make a post. The post receives five likes. The post also receives one complaint.

What should happen next?

When a post gets flagged a mod will review if the complaint has merit and act accordingly.
Flagging posts without a tangible reason is against the rules.

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Thank you for the reply. Should the number of likes the post receives carry any weight in the moderators review?

I think it should. Maybe a five to one weighting. Or do I mean one to five?

If I like a post it should carry a lot of weight. And I like a lot of posts.


What if you don’t like a post?


That sort of thing is not uncommon when someone is trolling the site, someone calls them a troll and the post gets a lot of likes and the person being called a troll flags the post.

The moderator might even agree the person is likely a troll but will remove the post after noting members of the community agree and perhaps move it to temp with the message along the lines of “if you think someone is trolling the site, flag the posts in question and allow the moderators to deal with them, calling someone a troll is against the rules.”


It doesn’t for me. the post is cross checked with the rules to see if any are broken.