Limes in Taichung?

I know limes are very hard to find in Taiwan. Has anyone found where to buy some in Taichung?


Safe n Save on Beitun rd, north of wenxin intersection usually has them, sure costco does too.

Limes arent that hard to find…lemons are.

The limes here are small and perfectly round and go by the name ji zi. The lemons look like large limes but are yellow inside and indeed taste like lemons

I find them in the local market any time sold as “wu zi ning meng” (seedless lemons)

Thanks. I’ll try to look around this weekend.

It’s quite un-PC to call them limes - they prefer, these days, to be called ‘Englishmen,’ or, simply, ‘English’. I’m surprised the mods haven’t picked up on this.