Limit number of likes

Ahh, I wasn’t aware. I pictured you as single and spreading like all around this fair island for some reason. Congratulations! And as Milker has noted, thanks for keeping the birthrate up!

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I just realize I have limited likes for a day.
Why??? Why would a forum have tinder-like like function???


Keeps people from spamming and filling up notifications box. Your limit goes up when you graduate to Level 3.

By the way, this kind of post is off topic. You should make a new post in Feedback if it doesn’t relate to the current conversation. I’ll split it for you.


thanks for the answer. I’m not going to discuss it so no need to split it.

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It needs to be split. It’s part of the site rules.

To attain level three. You need to be here at least 50% of the last 100 days and read more posts and topics.

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Alright then. Thanks anyway~

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I could dish out 61 likes in this thread before getting this message. There seems to be no “speed limit”. Or maybe I’m too slow at liking.

Is there a recipient-bound limit? Like I can like person X just Y times a day?


My god what a difference a year and a simple setting makes…@rickroll

@Dr_Milker has been left in the dust with Greta hot on @Dr_milker’s tail. You need to start workin harder if you’re gonna catch up to @rickroll on the Marco Top Six.


As long as I’m undisputed Pic Quiz champ (knock on wood), I could care less. :grin:

I haven’t seen this one before. Is this something new?

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No. Members do have a limited number of likes per day.


I was going to like your post. But I can’t. Sorry.


Reading more threads and posts will get you the ‘Regular’ status, which gets more likes to give out every day.

In the last 100 days:
Topics Viewed: 141/168
Posts Read: 6345/8000

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I did reach ‘Regular’ status. But not sure if I am still a ‘Regular’ as I no longer seem to have access to the ‘Regular’ features.

Unfortunately computer says no.

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