Limitations on RMB account

Hi. I would like to know what the limitations are for opening an RMB account. I have a Taiwanese American relative that would like to invest in RMB. Is the best thing to do to open an account with a Tai Bao Zhen? Another option would be opening an account with the Bank of China in the U.S. branch. What are the limits to transfering USD to RMB? I have heard that money movement is quite restricted, both ways for RMB. I have heard that foreigners have trouble getting their RMB out of China into RMB. I’ve also heard the Chinese govt has placed restrictions on how much foreign currency can come into Chinese bank accounts owned by Chinese citizens. Since Taiwanese do not have full PRC citizen status, do they have more freedom to move money in and out of the PRC?

I don’t have an answer, just more questions. I know RMB can be purchased in Taiwan now, but is it possible to open an RMB account here? Last I checked it was not. I also checked the online services from HSBC in HK. Seems you need to have a HK Id to open such an account there.

Updates anyone?