Limited FB Functions

I just got a FB message from a friend in TW asking me to Friend him because his FB functions are limited and he can’t friend me himself. In the first place, this person has been a FB friend for years, so I was surprised that he’d need to friend me, but what’s up with his being able to message me and not friend me? The odd this is, I can see his account, but not his feed and I can’t friend him either!

I almost put this in the open forum because I don’t know if it’s a Taiwan specific problem (If it doesn’t belong here, mods, feel free to move it.). So part of my question is: is there some TAIWAN based reason for this? What other reasons might there be? Might he be in China? In prison? Are there places that monitor and restrict FB? Last I heard, though, (about a year ago) he was still living in Taiwan, at home with his parents!

I had this happen a while back and couldn’t figure it out either, felt like a right dunce!
Where’s the friend invite button?!?

Well, I got back home today after being out and he’s sent me a friend request. I guess maybe it’s just more FB wierdiness. Thanks’s mods, for your good work moving the thread.

Talking about FB weirdness, or maybe my lack of understanding it, I just discovered the “Other” folder, sort of like Junk Mail deposit. Oh, boy, reading through it was a lot of fun and lifted my spirits tremendously. “You look so sweet… you have such a sweet smile… you don’t know me but we can be friends…” Now I know where to look when I need a quick pick me up.

Hey… I need a quick pick me up. Where can I find that folder?

Next to the normal Mail folder. Here, a few selections of mine:

[quote]Hi , nice to meet you, am XXX, I saw your nice pictures while browsing my Facebook, can I be your Friend? I hope to hear from you

hi hon,i like your pic,and your sweet face captivated me,
i really appreciate your looks. i must confess you look so beatiful.I will like us to be friends,to know more about each other.i

hi hon,i like your pic,and your sweet face captivated me,
i really appreciate your looks. i must confess you look so beatiful.I will like us to be friends,to know more about each other.i…

Hi how are you doing over there,guess you are doing great out there anyway?i am XXXX from the XXX but currently in XXX now for a project of mine. just saw you here now on facebook you looked really pretty and wonderful,couldn’t hold myself other than writing to you here now


And on and on :roflmao:

Ha. I finally found that “other” folder but no one thought I was cute. Mine just had my sister-in-law complaining that my brother (they’re separated) didn’t talk to her when we lost our mom. Tread carefully!

Oh my god, I never saw that ‘other’ file before. Wow! That is odd. Has it always been there, or did it only appear when you mentioned it being in existence? Hmm…

I checked mine and it was all crap. Huff.

The one that always freaks me out is when you see ‘people you may know,’ and there is someone on there with whom you have about 20 mutual friends and you look at the person and think ‘who the hell is that guy?’

Likewise, I never knew about that ‘other’ folder. Thanks for enlightening us.

EDIT: There are two messages in that Other folder from people I would like to add as FB friends, but the Add Friend button doesn’t appear. Hmmm…

This in my folder:

Hi ****, My name is **** [My surname] I live in Canada born and raised.My Grandfather was John, my Father Robert. I was wondering if you could tell me as much as you know about your last name as I’m making a family tree. I know all the [surname] in Manchester and Liverpool don’t know eachother but you are all related. My father was Robert, his brothers were Tom, John, Henry, Walter, George. One would have been your Grandad, Greatgrandad? So far I’ve talked to four who would have been my second cousins who didn;t know there grandfather had a brother! I’m doing justice for Britain making this family tree to stop inbreeding as if you have kids and there like my kids, my kids are on T.V for being smart and I’m told hot, and hot people seem to be with hot people! Please tell me anything you know about your last name. Also, I’m looking for Thomas Henry and William Richard, two of my Grandfather Johns brothers.

I draw your attention to the bolded section! It’s always good to get advice from former colonies to stop the seed stock from committing incest.

A scam to get info out of me? Or just a genuine weirdo? Lord knows, on my father’s side of the family, that would be fairly normal. The English is shit, but again …

I got a ‘family tree’ one to my gmail account when I lived in Taipei. I knew it was a fake because it was asking for info about my great uncle Thomas James [surname] who had recently died in Taoyuan … They pull your name and location, then just add plausible British grandpa-era names such as William and John.

Btw if you want to send a message to somebody who is not your friend, Facebook ask you to pay like two dollars or the message will got the “other” folder.