Lin Yutang - My Country and My People

I am looking for a copy of this book, either new or used. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!

That’s a great book. I especially love the way Lin rips into prose written in Classical Chinese, exposing how much (but not all) of it is vague and tedious at best.

I often use Bookfinder for such searches. Here, for example, are the results of a search for new and used copies of Lin Yutang’s My Country and My People. There are plenty of copies available for around US$7. Postage to Taiwan will be additional.

Thanks for the link, I will try to order from one of the stores. I have some of his other books, and I particularly liked “The Importance of Living”. I read “My Country and My People” some time ago and have been looking for my own copy ever since.

Was this book translated into Chinese with the title 中国人, or was that another book of Lin’s?

This is a list of Lin’s publications: