Line App - CCP compromised technology?

Is Line compromised on Chinese servers? Possible total access to ALL user data given to the CCP. Crazy. A national security risk to Taiwan I think. Would you support a ban?


Is this not logical. Everyone has told me line is not secure. It’s only for work communication.



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Hopefully. I hate line. I’d much rather use iMessage or WhatsApp or something.

Line is so bloated, line pay, line taxi, line jobs, themes, stickers, line shopping etc.

All I want is a simple messaging app!!


I like Line. Use it to talk to people all over the world.
I thought it used end to end encryption anyways.
Banning apps that use Chinese servers is stupid. Line isn’t a national security issue.

No, not even WhatsApp does that now.

When was it taken away? Never saw a message about it.

Still listed in help section too.


I hate line for a different reason.

It’s finicky to use and sometimes you can try to line someone (such as a business) and then never hearing back, and then it turned out that they somehow never got the message at all. Meaning if they have weird security on their end, or they blocked you, there is NO way for you to know if they have gotten your message or have blocked you at all.

There is a way to see if you’re blocked - if you have purchased some stickers.

Try to ‘gift’ the stickers you own to the person you suspect has blocked you, if it says ‘the other person already has these stickers’ then you’re blocked.



If the server that hosts the client does not want end to end encryption I can imagine it’s not a feature.

The server has no choice. It doesn’t have the private key. Even if someone handed over the data passed through the server, it would be encrypted.

Banning this is silly. Just fine them for every day that Taiwanese data is stored on/passes through chinese servers.

I’d much rather use bloated japanese app than giving facebook any more dominance (or any american company).


Line is a Korean app actually


LINE feels like a clone of WeChat anyways. Even format is the same.

Don’t have a choice because Taiwanese use them. Just like if you are in China you have no choice but to use WeChat because otherwise you can’t talk to Chinese people.

Unless they really do already have the same stickers… :laughing:


If you were really invested, you could buy some weird obscure set for just that reason lol

Too big an investment. Just dump the whole damn thing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m fine using LINE, Signal, and Telegram. No longer use WhatsApp.

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I’ve done the same. Line and signal only.
Not interested in spyware fb, Instagram, and WhatsApp, removed it 5 years ago

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One useful feature wechat has is click to translate.

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