LINE Lite?

Does it really exist?

They seem to still be pitching it, but most of the user reviews seem to be about failure to download it

Anyone succeeded in trying it?

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Yeah I use it on my Samsung tab. Means I can simultaneously use phone and tablet.

OK thanks. If it really exists then I’ll persevere a bit.

I use it as my main. I hate the main bloated app, this is really light and clean. If you have to use line for communication only, this should be your first choice.

I loathe LINE, (especially STICKERS) but am forced to use it because…well, Taiwanese women do.

Ideally I’d like something with an automated “No STICKERS please, I’m British” reactive sticker response, but I dunno if that is technically possible

I don’t mind stickers, I just HATE the ones that are animated and make twee noises, especially when you’re listening to music and they interrupt it.

I never knew it existed and just downloaded it. Haven’t properly tried it yet, but it seems good so far. Stickers are still available (which is good for communicating with Taiwanese women, as mentioned), but the app seems less annoying and bloated than the original, which I also can’t stand.

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Coulddn’t find it on Google App store, which I just put down to the search engine on there being set to SEND ALL AVAILABLE GARBAGE HOWEVER UNRELATED TO THE SEARCH TERMS

Googling for it directly I get “This item is not available in your country”

Are there tricks?

I’ve used a VPN to conceal my PC’s location, for websites that insist on using Chinese based on your IP address (bloody irritating) but havn.t attempted it with a phone.

Google play store is locked to a country, although you can change it.


However, that “support” (or perhaps “obstruction”) documentation page, says

" To set up a new country, you must be in that country and have a payment method from the new country."

So it would appear you can’t change it, unless you (use a VPN? to) spoof location, when you might be able to.

Perhaps the poster above who just downloaded it was not in Taiwan, or was but was still locked to a different country.

Ah, my Google store is set to the UK.

If I need any apps that are country restricted, I get them from apkmirror.

LINE Lite it’s not supported for Taiwan. It’s aimed for markets where not all people own fancy phones, e.g. India, Indonesia.

I used to use it in Taiwan (installed from apk). It missed some functions of the full app, e.g. notes between 2 people were not visible. Not sure if photo albums were supported.

Also at some point it stopped to deliver me notifications about new messages. It was random but suddenly nothing was coming. I had to restart the app and I could see the new messages, sometimes sent hours ago. I contacted their support but I was told LINE Lite is not for Taiwan.

But in general it’s a great lightweight app.

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You can use the full version on all devices simultaneously, no need to use the lite version unless you prefer it. I use one phone number/ one account for two phones, a Samsung tablet and two iPads. Just log in with the email and OTP instead of the phone number.

The lite version doesn’t handle attachments well in my experience and it’s kinda clunky.