Link: Stop EU-China arms sales!


“Olympic Watch has received information that the European Union is considering lifting its embargo on arms exports to the People’s Republic of China that it imposed in response to the Tiananmen massacre of 1989. According to our information, the lifting of the ban is supported by Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. We call on our supporters to send protests to the EU Member States’ governments immediately. The issue will be discussed by EU foreign ministers in the second half of April…”

I think the rest of the world should petition against the EU for everything. It is such a disgusting organisation. The proposed lifting of the arms embargo is just more proof that the new EU and it’s constitution is schemeing and corrupt.


Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I don’t think you need to worry, the EU isn’t likely to lift the arms ban for the next few years. France and Germany maybe gung-ho about lifting it, but you need a complete concensus among EU nations to do it. Britain isn’t adverse to it, but U.S. pressure may force them to cave in. Even still, the most daunting obstacle to the arms ban lift is those sanctiminious Scandinavians. Northern Europe is big on human rights and convincing them to lift the arms ban would be incredibly difficult.