Link To Taiwan Drivers' Manual, i.e., Question Pool

I checked this forum, looking for a link to a drivers’ manual here in Taiwan. Though I didn’t find one, any other links on this topic seemed to be too old. So, as of September, 2013, here is something I found useful. It’s not a manual, per se, but it’s as close as I’ve found: the entire question pool for the tests.

What it WON’T tell you is basic stuff like “No right turn is permitted on a red light.” However, if you read every single thing, you get a pretty good idea of what the law is supposed to be–at least more than if you just take practice tests and hope you cover everything.

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Hope this helps! -loaker

From the guide (

Real life translation: insist on your right of way as a pedestrian and get honked or yelled at, probably injured or even killed.

[quote=“hsinhai78”]From the guide (

Real life translation: insist on your right of way as a pedestrian and get honked or yelled at, probably injured or even killed.[/quote]

I usually give way to people driving like morons, but I eventually insist as a pedestrian or scooter driver to go when the vehicles start forming a chain (taxi’s are notorious) and won’t let oncoming traffic through, so I force my way in and they have (so far) stopped for me.
One day my luck my run out :smiley:

I have searched the forum but all links seem to be outdated, I’m looking for downloadable pdf files of the written test questions for the car license. I downloaded them a while ago for scooter test but have been unable to find them for the car written test. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This Tealit article has links to the test questions and answers (in the Local license for a car paragraph): … rs_license
I think the article is a few years old but I doubt the test questions have changed. Hope this helps!

Great! Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Hi all,
Does anyone can help with an updated link for the driving license manual in English here in Taiwan?
I need to review a bit everything in order to pass again this license
Cheers guys

Just a word to the wise, there is no single question manual in english, they use different translations in different cities!

So what do you suggest? How can I prepare myself for the written test.
I have seen this green book but it was in Chinese. Anything similar in English?

There are some online test sites in English sometimes. But I recall the Taichung one you had to go into the test center itself to practice the English version on their PCs. Do a search of each city’s vehicle test center website online.

Cheers bro.

This is the link for the MOTC website to download their test questions:

And their online simulation test:

I don’t know where to get the English version of the manual, tho. I’m not sure if this exists. :noway:
Also, there were some recently changes in the exam, so even the official website above may not be up to date. However, I believe it still can be used for test preparation, even because I don’t know any other way…