LinkedIn will leave China

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Technically yes. But Microsoft doesn’t want to abandon China. So they will be launching a Linkedin replacement for only China

I have a lot of Chinese connections so will see if they disappear. As of right now they are all there. Probably tomorrow they will be … All there

I’ve heard of people getting deleted off other platforms though.

Cencorship. It’s a pretty heinous crime. Speaking whilst just deleting other people’s voices.

And it’s not very polite :laughing:

Bad communists!

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I never got the impression it was that popular in China, anyway. I’ve seldom found Chinese companies, even pretty big ones, having much of a presence on there when I’ve searched for them. So I can’t imagine it’ll make too much difference to the average Chinese employee.

It still seems possible to add a LinkedIn account to WeChat, but maybe that’ll change soon.

I don’t like the platform personally (too much spam a few years ago put me off) and never use it outside of social media stuff for a client.

I think it’s pretty big for the English language network in China. I’m guessing it’s the main one, but I could be wrong

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It’s not popular in Taiwan either. I get blank stares when I mention it to my uni students.

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I’m a bit upset about this as important for work and last place you can see what’s happening in China industry and tech and have normal online interaction with Chinese.

Been reading comments from Chinese on LinkedIn in response and some people are really upset about the situation and the way their country is going.

Just sad considering how open China was becoming to the world around 2008 Olympics

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It is pretty sad when people’s voices are just deleted because some guy likes deleting other people’s voices

And then afterwards saying it was Mao’s red community guidelines.

It was the little red forumosa book, lol

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I was so happy when i read the headlines too, FINALLY a compan has some dignity and morals to stand up against the great oppressors. Only to be abruptly slapped in the face and come back to reality when i read its just a split and rebranding. They are staying in china. And starting a new brand there. If anything, this is an expansion :frowning: their marketing department wont fool me so easily.

I think Microsoft were under a lot of pressure from Chinese government, to the point that forced to break US laws if continue working in China

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Fuck ya

Need more censorship though. Probably just delete other people’s voices

Fuck yea

I’m presuming we all want comnunisim. Nobody in an ideal speach community wants to speak, unless that speech is immediately deleted by a commie.

so Taiwan will be Taiwan now not 臺灣省 (Taiwan Province) on the web site? I see it sometimes, or maybe it has changed?

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I don’t even know what’s the point of linkedin.

It hasn’t helped me get a job, it hasn’t really gotten me professional references. It just seems like fluff and stuff prospective employers could use against you.

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I have gotten contacted by companies, but it’s usually shitty, bog-level jobs. Like, sorry no, I don’t want to leave my cushy uni job in Taiwan to teach at some random buxiban in rural China (guess I won’t have to worry about that anymore) or sign up my services for an online ESL company based in Florida.

I don’t even get translation work off of Linkedin either. I get more from than linked in. Paid for membership way back in the day but realized it made zero difference when you did… essentially all it did was allow you to see specific feedback messages for or against translation agencies… but apart from that it did not result in more jobs just because you paid for membership.

I’ve noticed companies that were essentially kicked out or copied-to-bankruptcy call Taiwan a country. Flag and all.

Uber is one.

Psssst. They already admitted they arnt leaving China. They are rebranding and cowtowing harder…

They already spelled it out loud and clear, so there is little reason to avoid saying it as it is.

@Taiwan_Luthiers linkd in is more for low to mid level sales/marketing type workers, bloggers etc etc to look for work. It isnt meant for the top, nor the bottom. Its really more of a networking thing for people that work jobs that “need” more networking (because they presumably lack the skill, finances or time to go outside themselves and do it) As such, you making your own stuff and selling quality manufactured products probably have little use for it. When you have so many guitars that you and your sales staff cannot sell fast enough your monthly production, you ask your sales and marketing team to sign up and network…otherwise its essentially a useless fluff thing most people have just so they can tell people they have it and can make themselves feel like they are involved in the business world…like facebook, but less options and the guise of being more professional.

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That doesn’t work and they know it.

If they open a company to make a few hundred million knowing full well it will be taken away…i call that working :wink: