Links: The Legend

It is noted by this participant that when one clicks on a link one is navigated away from this website. More words: why are not links opened onto new tabs? It that something to do with this site, or a setting on my own mechanical functioning unit?

Its because of the new software being used and its a right pain in the arse. Which reminds me – right click on the link and you can have the option of opening it in a new tab or window.
If you’re using a Mac like me, you just swear mightily at the admins, using a whiny voice.

You mean the weird Mac mice? Bin that and use a nordinry mouse. They annoying…

Understood. Right clicking it is.
A Mac? I concede to using a Dell as we are confessing our sins.

The main concern for myself is that once navigated away I forget what I was doing originally. TheGingerMan linked me off to the Kinks, and once Ray Davies had got me going I forget where I had come from.
I grant you that it is a tiny point but I do like some order in my universe.