Links to full Chinese English Dictionery


I am Chinese, can speak Chinese but cannot read and write except for some simple characters.

Can someone give me some links to:

  1. full Chinese-English dictionary with full page browsing, not just per word input. Best that there is audio for pronunciations.
  2. Most common Chinese characters, e.g 2000/300o with audio for each character.

Best regards,
Chan Rasjid.

For part one, if you browse on mobile, then you want Pleco. Far and away the best app for Mandarin learners. If it has to be on a PC/Mac, then Wenlin is a clunkier alternative.

For part two, if you use Pleco you can download frequency-ordered flashcards for it like these. Personally I’m not sure learning the 3,000 most common characters is particularly useful – you can learn 東 “east” and 西 “west” but when you see 東西 in running text you might just think it means “east, west” instead of it being a single word meaning “thing”. Instead you could download vocabulary files for the HSK or TOCFL tests by grade – they are very roughly clumped by word frequency, which will be a lot more useful than character frequency.

Thanks Taffy,

I cannot use wenlin at the moment; I am on linux only. But it’s ok. I found my old copy of Chinese-English dictionary with meanings given. Very good.

The HSK test sheet is what I want, just to improve my recognition of common chararcters.

Best regards,
Chan Rasjid.