Linux: Anyone know a distro that supports Realtek HDA sound?

on a Toshiba M100? So far…

Ubuntu - No
Mint - No
SuSE 10.3 - currently downloading (4.1G!!!)

I’ll go through them all if necessary, but if anyone has a pooter with an Intel board (945) and Linux which recognises Unrealtek High Definition Audio cards then I’d love to know about it.

Toshiba have dome this deliberately with this model as MS have clearly requested this Vista-only laptop be nobbled for all other OSes. XP doesn’t really work with it either.

I’d be interested to know if this fix on the Mint forums works (Mint is basically Ubuntu made a bit more pretty with non-free drivers pre-installed, so it if it works for one, it may well work for both):

Make a file called snd-hda-intel

copy these two lines into the file:

#options snd-hda-intel position_fix=2 options snd-hda-intel model=auto

Save - paste file in etc/modprobe.d

Also, Realtek offer downloadable codecs gratis from their website.

Ubuntu also has a restricted drivers manager program. It will scan your system for hardware that runs restricted drivers and then prompt you to have it install them. But I think you have to enable it first in Synaptic or APT-get.

That should be supported in the kernel beginning with 2.6.12-r9. I believe now is 2.6.24 (at least my current version on Arch Linux)

Also instead of downloading the DVD from Opensuse, you can just choose a desktop (Gnome or KDE) and download the CD version.

Intel is pretty good about publishing open source drivers for linux.

If your still not getting any sound, open a terminal as root and try


and let this script autodetect your sound

Some people have had luck installing Ubuntu on an M100. You might want to try the new Hardy when it comes out later this month. By the way, sound should work through the headphones jack.

The blog from one guy who had Ubuntu 7.04 running:

Posting your question on a forum is a good way to find your answer. And contacting others with the same model notebook is a way to form a community that can help each other. I’ve got an Acer 6291 or an Asus A8Sc so I can’t specifically give advice. But I looked around and found info online that the accessory CD that may have come with your M100 should have drivers for both Windows and Linux.