Linux Hinet How-to?

I’m having trouble getting my Linux box connected to Hinet (ADSL). Can someone point me to a Hi-net specific “how-to”?

well it depends on which flavor of Linux you have… :o

Sorry. :slight_smile: I’m running Suse 8.0 with Roaring Penguin PPPoE. Everything else connects, no problem…QNX, BeOS, etc. I’m only having problems with Linux.

BTW, were those the drivers you needed for your camera?

Sorry, I have setup ADSL with FreeBSD, Debian, RedHat and Mandrake, except SuSE :frowning:

About the camera drivers, that URL is only for updating existing driver, but not a full version of the driver :frowning:

I heard that XP will recognize it automatically, so I’ll give it a try, thanks anyway :o

What exactly is your problem? Have you installed and configured your rp-pppoe? Are you getting error messages?