Linux, modem, hinet = big problems reading oriented?


does anyone else have great problems reading oriented with linux, hinet, and a modem?
about half the time it’s ‘connection reset by peer’

i wish we could all meet in say USENET instead of using this proprietary software [of infopop co.]

anyways i can barely read these boards. they are out for me about 1/2 the time.


Do you mean soc.culture.taiwan? Perhaps ORIENTED can create a link or banner in the Living in Taiwan forum so that people can browse there as well. I’ll ask JeffG what he thinks about that

I’ve never looked at Infopop’s Ubb using Lynx (assuming this is the linux browser you are referring to). I’m not surprised its ugly – Cranky Laowai has expressed to me his surprise at how many tables this Ubb uses.