Linux users: A screeing of Revolution OS

I support the Linux operating system.

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Looks like the screening idea was not very popular.

Take your pick:
Vive la revolution (French)
Viva la revolucion (Spanish)
Viva la revoluzione (Italian)
Viva a revolucao (Portuguese)

(Couldn’t display accented characters correctly.)

in today world OS does not matter, the application matter and thats where Linux fails, no good office suit ( star office !!! please ) avalibility of good games and fun utils all are currently missing.
True Linux as a OS is better but engine without a body is useless.
my 2 cents


What matters is:
Is the operating system (OS) stable?
Is it vulnerable to attack by viruses and crackers?
Is it inordinately expensive?
Is it controlled by a monopoly - especially a private one?

Any more offers?

By the way:

Anyone had any experience with PetrOS?

The point remains the same even though Linux is far far better than M$ , but lack of applications is the bottle neck.
A lot of people I know don’t care if they are using M$, Linux, MAC … but they want a good office suite, and outlook express.
Netscape is good but 6.0 was dumps that caused usage of IE to shoot up and in process Linux lost in the process.
I am from the embedded industry and for sales we fight against M$ a lot, but the bottom line in most of the client visits is good applications and solutions.

PetrOS looks like dos with TCP/IP. It will be fast and it can be use to do … not much since getting dos based programs today is next to impossible. so the choice is what you want you write, it will be fun for some time though…