Linux vs ADSL

I got a problem…I’m using a computer at my friend’s house which is connected to a lan (kinda). He has 2 computers (Win98) networked through a hub which is in turn connected to a cable modem on to Hinet. I do NOT have access to any of his computers…

I built a box here and hooked it up to his system but the only way I can get on line is to run either QNXRTP or (gag!) Win XP with RASPPOE.

I’ve been unable to connect using any flavor of Linux, Solaris or even Caldera’s Openunix 8.

To make a long story short, I just downloaded Mandrake 8.2 and I REALLY want to run it but I can’t figure out how to configure the network/ADSL settings. I don’t need to be able to access his network, just be able to get online.


I recommend that you get a small (about the length of your hand) $3,000NT gateway device with PPPoE, IP sharing, and DHCP capabilities to connect between the ADSL modem and the hub. This will allow each computer to have its own IP address and independent access to the Internet. After connecting the cables, you enter the ADSL dialup information into the gateway and you no longer have to play with PPPoE or dialup software yourself.


What about the Hinet account, it allows 1 or 2 IPs
for the ADSL connection?

If only 1 IP is allowed then I assumed one of the Win98 PC is running ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) which at the same should have DHCP Server enabled

Based on my own experience, on the client side you can either: set it to Obtain IP automatically (which basically plays as a DHCP Client) or set a static IP matching the subnet of the DHCP Server,
which I think it’s the easiest way to solve your Unix box problem, just set a fixed IP, default gateway and DNS Server and you are all set


I have a little experience set up the pppoe on GNU/Linux Debian:
Type this command in root user:

apt-get install pppoe pppoeconf


The 1st line just for install, and the 2nd line for setup pppoe account.

Hope this helpful.